Fwd: Fire in Ash Canyon, SE AZ, loss of Noel McFarland Coll.

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Below, Bob describes the start of the fire that engulfed Ash Canyon.
It's known as the Monument Fire. It's burning up the the southern end
of the Huachuca Mountains and is currently encroaching on Sierra
Vista. There was also apparently a fire in Lower Garden Canyon. GC has
the mother load of biodiversity in the Huachucs.

ABC15.com - Posted: 06/19/2011

Monument Fire growth animation 6/20

Then there's the fire in the Chiricahua Mtns. Both Rustler Campground
and Barfoot Lookout were destroyed...

Mike Quinn, Austin

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Dear Mike,

I heard that Noel's place was wiped out. I know he didn't move his
specimens. We were quite certain that the firestorm erased our
home--as it did to more than 25 others yesterday afternoon and up to
60 structures. Many neighborhoods are at risk and many more in harm's
way. Looking at the mountains there is just a wall of smoke. Yesterday
afternoon, there was a very sudden almost explosion throughout upper
Ash Canyon the small dead oaks and dry manzanita plus the 100 degree
heat and wind combined to create a fearful blaze. Fire roared down
roads taking out homes in minutes.The fire jumped Hwy 92 and burned
many acres of grassland but that was put out. That could easily happen
again. Astonishingly, our structure (and the two straddling it) is
still standing. There is still a fire of huge proportions heading up
Ash Canyon and over toward Miller Peak and any bit of burning material
could land and erase our house so we aren't getting our hopes up.
We're still evacuated. They can't use the huge water tanker planes
because they can't fly them through the canyons. There is a huge
number of staff here, more planes and helicopters from out of state,
etc. We went to a public meeting last night and were impressed by all
of the agencies involved. Sadly, they have been (in the White Mts and
Chiricahuas) saving structures but losing the forest. We'll see.


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