Daspyga salmocolor

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Oops. Never mind. This was the first time I've looked at this under a 
scope. It's a Tortricid. Boy is my face red.

On 3/31/2011 10:55 AM, OscartheGrouch wrote:
> I have a number of alternosquamella, and the one lone salmocolor. They
> are side by side in my collection. What I am calling salmocolor matches
> up really well with the photo in the MPG Hodges number 5731 W, and my
> alternosquamella match up real well with the photo in MTP, Hodges number
> 5730 W. Yes they both have a very similar ground color, My salmcolr is
> smaller and the markings just aren't right for alternosquamella, but are
> right for salmocolor. Side by side they don't match up. I'll see if I
> can get an image and post it where you guys can verify or debunk my
> initial ID. OTOH, I work for the Oregon Ag. Dept in the insect lab. I'll
> see what Rich Worth thinks about this ID.
> On 3/31/2011 6:51 AM, Scholtens, Brian G wrote:
>> I agree with Hugh. It is likely that the specimen is alternosquamella,
>> which can be quite common in the NW. I saw lots of it last summer at
>> the Lep Soc meetings in Washington state.
>> Brian
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>> Hi,
>> I photographed this species and took a few specimens last summer in the
>> Chiricahuas (AZ). The species appears not to have been covered yet by
>> Neunzig, and it was not split at the time Heinrich wrote. Are you sure
>> your
>> northern specimen is this and not alternosquamella?
>> Hugh
>> On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 12:51 AM,
>> OscartheGrouch<tondaleo at hotmail.com>wrote:
>>> Anyone have any information on the range of this moth? I can't find
>>> much. I have a specimen that was taken in Oregon just North of the
>>> California border in the Siskiyous. I not only can't seem to find if
>>> that's in it's known range, but can't find what it's known range is.
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