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JOHN B HILLIS viceroy at bellsouth.net
Wed May 9 09:26:02 EDT 2012

my bugs in Mayo, Ireland, have mostly been folded small, suitable for stuffing 
into a young wren's maw. A green-veined white or two. One escaped, to general 

There should be green hairstreaks, but I am too lazy to go out and peruse the 
bushes. And it's cold out there.
Ah, a fine male Orange-Tip pounding on the front door and demanding to be 

Pieris napi (Banog uaine)
Anthocharis cardamines (Banog rinnbhui)
Callophrys rubi (Stiallach uaine) (putative) not necessarily in that order ... 
I bet it's colder in Canada
Anne Kilmer

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Subject: [Leps-l] Migration

So far this year, up to May 8 2012, I have seen the following migrants in 
southern New Brunswick, Canada:

Vanessa atalanta,
Vanessa cardui orvirginiensis,
 Polygonia interrogationis (Summer form),
 Orthonama obstipata,
 Hypena humuli,
 Lithophane antennata,
Anagrapha falcifera,
 Megalographa biloba, 
Mythimna unipuncta.
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