[Leps-l] Stray Gulf Fritillary, central Virginia

David Hamilton Cox dhcox at nyx.net
Tue Sep 11 21:46:12 EDT 2012

 I saw a gulf fritillary in Fredericksburg, Virginia today. When I reported
a sighting earlier this year of another stray, a dainty sulphur, I was
interested to hear of other stray sightings, specifically Alan Wormington's
mention of the dainty sulphurs seen in southern Ontario. I will be interested
to see if any other Gulf Fritillaries have been seen north of their normal
range this year.

 I have spent some time in Florida the past three winters, and associate both
the dainty sulphur and the gulf fritillary with my time there. It's certainly
an odd and exhilirating feeling to find in Virginia these species that I 
associate with Florida. 

-David Cox

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