[Leps-l] Heliconius expert?

chris kline kline_at_pine at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 1 13:39:45 EDT 2013

I am looking for someone who knows Heliconius, specifically H. erato, H. melpomene, and H. cydno.  
For example, I have learned that one way to tell erato from melpomene is by the number of red dots at the base of the ventral side of the hindwing.  Today I got photos of a bug that looks like H. erato venus to me but it has too few dots at the base of the wing.  Plus, the other day I had what looked like an erato/melpomene crawl out of a cydno chrysalis, or at least that is how the chrysalis was labeled.  Hoping someone can help me make sense of these bugs!  Or perhaps you know of a good reference that I can consult.  Having been looking on the Tree of Life website, but it has some limitations.
BTW, I am the bfly specialist at Franklin Park Conservatory.  That may help some who are scratching their heads wondering why I am watching Heliconius in Ohio! :)
Chris Kline 
Sugar Grove, OhioTo learn more about my Tony Spencer Mystery Series and my Butterfly books visit: http://beeryridge.yolasite.com  
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