[Leps-l] Fwd: New U.S. Butterfly species, Panthiades bathildis found in Mission, Hidalgo Co., Texas

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I didn't see this note when it was first posted (due to Gmail filtering),
but saw it mentioned in the current issue of American Butterflies:


or: http://bit.ly/16CcK1W

Mike Quinn, Austin
Texas Entomology

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Subject: New U.S. Butterfly species, Panthiades bathildis found in Mission,
Hidalgo Co.
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Jaime Villarreal found and photographed a new to the U.S. species, Zebra
Cross-streak/Zebra-striped Hairstreak - Panthiades bathildis, on 12/15/2012
at the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Hidalgo Co.  As of 1300 hrs.,
today, it had not been re-located.  Jaime has asked that we submit this
post and post his photo of the butterfly on our webpage.

Jaime's photo (he was able to get just one photo) can be seen at
http://www.thedauphins.net/rgv_newest_photos.html  .  Jaime can be
contacted at agustinmcall at aol.com  .

David Dauphin
Mission, TX
For Valley wildlife watching info, go to

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