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Announcement of six cases under active consideration by NABA Scientific
Names Committee
The NABA Scientific Names Committee (information about the Committee¹s
formation, composition and procedures is available at
http://www.naba.org/ftp/NABA_names_committee_2012.pdf)  announces
consideration of six Hesperiidae not currently included in the 2nd Edition
of the NABA Checklist and English Names of North American Butterflies as
amended by Caterino et al. (2003), with the following case numbers and
NABA-NC 2013-01   Phocides belus
NABA-NC 2013-02   Urbanus evona
NABA-NC 2013-03   Achalarus tehuacana
NABA-NC 2013-06   Achlyodes pallida or selva
NABA-NC 2013-07   Anastrus sempiternus
NABA-NC 2013-08   Heliopetes sublinea
Literature relevant to these cases is listed, case by case, at
http://www.naba.org/pubs/names_cmte.html.  Anyone aware of one or more
relevant publications not listed is requested to forward the citations (if
possible with a pdf) to the Names Committee (c/o
dickvanewright at btinternet.com <mailto:dickvanewright at btinternet.com> ) by
August 1, 2013.  All available information about each case will be collated
and specialists contacted, prior to completing each case for consideration
by the Names Committee. Each draft case will be made available through the
NABA website for further comment, prior to revision or final decision.
A further group of eight skipper cases, involving further potential
additions or potential name changes, will be announced shortly.
Caterino, M., Glassberg, J. & Heraty, J. 2003. Report of the NABA Names
Committee. American Butterflies 11(2): 24­27.

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