[Leps-l] Ministrymon janevicroy Glassberg, sp. n., from the United States (Texas).

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Fri May 31 15:30:46 EDT 2013

Robert K. Robbins, Jeffrey Glassberg. 2013. A butterfly with olive
green eyes discovered in the United States and the Neotropics
(Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae, Eumaeini). ZooKeys 305: 1–20.

We describe Ministrymon janevicroy Glassberg, sp. n., from the United
States (Texas).

Its wing pattern closely resembles that of the widespread and
well-known lycaenid, [Gray Ministreak] Ministrymon azia (Hewitson).
The new species is distinguished by the structure of its male and
female genitalia, by the patterning of the ground color on the basal
half of the ventral hindwing surface, and by the color of its eyes.
Adults of Ministrymon janevicroy in nature have olive green eyes in
contrast to the dark brown/black eyes of Ministrymon azia.

Ministrymon janevicroy occurs in dry deciduous forest and scrub from
the United States (Texas) to Costa Rica (Guanacaste) with disjunct
populations on Curaçao and Isla Margarita (Venezuela). In contrast,
Ministrymon azia occurs from the United States to southern Brazil and
Chile in both dry and wet lowland habitats.

Nomenclaturally, we remove the name Electrostrymon grumus K. Johnson &
Kroenlein, 1993, from the synonymy of Ministrymon azia (where it had
been listed as a synonym of Ministrymon hernandezi Schwartz & K.
Johnson, 1992). We accord priority to Angulopis hernandezi K. Johnson
& Kroenlein, 1993 over Electrostrymon grumus K. Johnson & Kroenlein,
1993, syn. n., which currently is placed in Ziegleria K. Johnson,

The English name Vicroy’s Ministreak is proposed for Ministrymon janevicroy.

We update biological records of dispersal and caterpillar food plants,
previously attributed to Ministrymon azia, in light of the new


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Mike Quinn, Austin
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