[Leps-l] The Xerces Society Announces the 2017 Joan Mosenthal DeWind Award Winners

Candace Fallon candace.fallon at xerces.org
Wed Mar 29 16:57:08 EDT 2017

The Xerces Society is excited to announce the two winners of the 2017 Joan
Mosenthal DeWind Awards. From among the exceptional applications we
received, the following two students were selected:

*Zhengyang Wang – Harvard University*
Butterfly telemetry in mountainous terrain: a novel method to track and
estimate population sizes for the Golden Birdwing (*Troides aesacus*) on
Mt. Gongga in Garze Tibetan Prefecture

Butterfly movement in mountainous terrain is difficult to study. This study
will develop methods to track montane butterflies using *Troides aeacus* on
the foothills (c 8,000 ft.) of Mt. Gongga (c 24,790 ft.) as a model system.
The study has two aims: (1) to use 0.2 gram transmitters placed on the
upper abdomen of individuals of *T. aeacus* to estimate movement parameters
using an insect telemetry system, and (2) to develop object-oriented Monte
Carlo simulations using telemetry obtained parameters to estimate *T.
aeacus* population size. This telemetry system allows researchers to
monitor individual butterflies at fine-tuned spatial and temporal scales
and has the potential to provide more accurate population estimates for
conservation management.

*Federico Riva – University of Alberta, Canada*
Modeling the distribution of *Plebejus optilete* ssp. *yukona* in Alberta’s
boreal forest

Information on the North American populations of *Plebejus optilete *ssp.
*yukona *(Holland, 1900) is scarce. In Alberta, less than 20 populations
are known. Here, in situ oil sands deposits and extraction cover more than
142,000 km2 of boreal forests, including areas potentially suitable to this
species. Following research conducted on *P. optilete *in 2015 and 2016,
this study will test a species distribution model for the species using
natural and anthropogenic factors. This will be used to assess its
distribution at regional scales and the rarity status in Alberta, revealing
if conservation efforts are needed to preserve the species.

The DeWind committee and the board and staff of the Society congratulate
Zhengyang and Federico and thank all the applicants for their outstanding
efforts in invertebrate conservation.

The DeWind Awards are given to individuals engaged in studies or research
leading to a university degree related to Lepidoptera research and
conservation, and working or intending to work in that field. Joan
Mosenthal DeWind was a pioneering member of the Xerces Society. A
psychiatric social worker by profession, she was also an avid butterfly
gardener and an accomplished amateur lepidopterist. Her contributions of
time, organizational expertise, and financial support were essential to the
growth and success of the Xerces Society over the past 40 years. Joan also
had a keen interest in young people, supporting what became the Young
Entomologists’ Society. In Joan’s memory, Bill DeWind established a student
research endowment fund in her name.

For more information on the DeWind Awards and previous winners, visit
https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.xerces.org_joan-2Ddewind-2Daward_&d=DwIFaQ&c=-dg2m7zWuuDZ0MUcV7Sdqw&r=tVAKMFPe3UCcsMWUFXo0FeX0xe1JUAj77B74DAI3DKI&m=mn3aF00ON2f4WKOtyJcT7LyDBMwIZ-6YiGDZxlepiQw&s=oKRIngs6gjCt5rtFQzMUXw9ayIxIm1O2FHbrOTUzgIg&e= .


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