[Leps-l] iNat passes 100 million observations

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I was wondering if that early Monarch sighting in Utah could be correct despite its natural doubtablity. One year, 2006, I found my first Monarch in southeast Michigan on the absurdly early date of April 22. It even seemed to laying a few eggs on a very small beginning Common Milkweed.

Roger Kuhlman
Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Yes iNaturalist a hugely valuable observational resource with
wonderfully easily searchable archives.

Still, nothing is perfect and iNaturalist is no exception.  One problem
is the sighting dates are sometimes faulty .

Example: This sighting of an unworn, brightly colored monarch
butterfly near Salt Lake City, Utah on April 10, 2021

Utah residents point out the photo shows what the Great Salt Lake
landscape looks like in the Fall, not mid-April.

Paul Cherubini
El Dorado, Calif.

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