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Due to size limitations, the files for Plowed Under and a news account about the cost of ethanol vs gasoline were eliminated. There is another file by Lark et al that document the massive losses of grasslands that have occurred since the establishment of the RFS. All can be found with searches.

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Yes, that applied to milkweeds in corn and soy but did not deal with the RFS that was signed into law at the end of 2007 by President Bush. In addition, habitat losses have continued due to development and other forms of landscape conversion. The attached report by Tyler Lark is impressive. See also the report named Plowed Under, and reports by WWF that identify grassland losses. The big question, that no one seems to be able to answer with field surveys establishing counts of milkweed stems, is whether the efforts underway to create monarch habitat actually match or exceed the annual losses. It’s a race, and we don’t know whether we are in the lead or are dropping further behind each year.

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