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I've followed this thread for a little while and have avoided commenting on it.  In large part, because it started when I was in Nairobi, and had low band-width.  Now my travels have now taken me to Hobart, with its higher bandwidth!  Alas, no collecting/watching in either location, work-related (teaching and on an advisory committee).

>From a genetics standpoint, the issue can be clearly framed in terms of gene exchange.  In a classic paper, Sewall Wright (one of the founders of population genetics) noted that a single exchange of an individual between populations per generation is about all that is needed to keep two neutral subpopulations from diverging (more formally, 4Nm >> 1, where m is the exchange rate and N the population size).  So the issue becomes: "is there something about the migrationing  population that results in a drastic reduction in gene exchange with the non-migration population".   Unless there is differential mate choice when they come into contact (which they will do each year), don't think the case can be made.



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