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Aug. 7, 2008


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Subject: Web-based resources on Jewish languages
From:lerner at stanford.edu

I am writing an article on web-based primary resources and sources for 
Jewish languages including textual, visual (image and video), and sound. I 
am interested in knowing about the existence and availability (public and 
proprietary/subscription based) of the following (see below) types of 
materials in Hebrew, Yiddish, Judezmo, Judeo-Arabic, Jewish Malayalam, 
Judeo-Italian, Judeo-Romance languages, Judeo-Greek, Judeo-Tat, 
Judeo-Persian, and other languages that have been described or called 
Jewish languages at Ethnologue or elsewhere. These may also include 
publications of primary materials that have appeared in secondary sources 
such as journals, dissertations and monographs. I would also like to know 
about materials that have been or are in the planning/project stages of 
digitization but are not available on the Internet.

Annotated corpora
Unannotated corpora
Recordings (Sound and transcribed)
Blogs and other web2 technologies

Other archival materials?

Any  help or information that you can provide would be greatly 

Thank you,

Heidi G. Lerner

Heidi G. Lerner
Hebraica/Judaica Cataloger
Metadata Dept.
Stanford University Libraries
Stanford, CA  94305-6004
ph: 650-725-9953


From:  	janus005 at umn.edu
Subject: trying to get Bente Kahan to appear on Prairie Home 
Received: Sun Jul 20 15:42:46 2008

Hello. Several years ago when  I living in Oslo, I went to hear the
Norwegian - Jewish singer / performer sing "HOME". Without
exaggeration, it was the best concert I'd heard in a very long time.
She traced her family's travels and homesteads throughout Europe
after its expulsion from Spain. For each place her relatives lived,
she described the location and what the relatives did there, then she
sang a song in the language from the location. It was incredibly
moving and personal account of the Diaspora.

Her discography is at http://www.bentekahan.eu/discography.php and
you can get a short sample of the albums there. I own most (if not
all) of the CDs and play them constantly.

Three years ago, I helped organize a concert in St. Paul and Madison
Wisconsin, and from all accounts, everyone agreed with my enthusiasm
for Bente and her performance.

It turns out now that she is in residence in New York and would be
available to perform concerts in North America. I absolutely know if
she would get an invitation to perform on Prairie Home Companion with
Garrison Keillor, it would be a wonderful introduction to the her
singing to the American public. Problem is that even though her agent
(in Germany) sent sample material to the PHC office in St. Paul, they
have not responded. They certainly get hundreds of inquiries every
week, so I understand the lack of response.

But I also know that knowing someone who knows someone who knows
someone the PHC staff might encourage PCH staff to give her material
a good listen, and then I'm sure they'd like to invite her. The
Norwegian bit might be the hook for Keillor, who often mentions
Scandinavia and Norwegian bachelor farmers. And of course there
aren't all that many Jews in Norway, so this should also whet his

If you have any suggestions for how to introduce Mr Keillor to this
wonderful performer, please let me know, and I'll pass it along to
Bente's agent in Germany.

A dank an dir

Louis Janus
    Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL) Project
    Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA)
    University of Minnesota
    140 C University International Center
    331 17th Ave Southeast
    map: http://www1.umn.edu/twincities/maps/UIC/UIC-map.html
    Minneapolis, MN 55414 USA
    phone: 612/624-9016; fax: 612/624-7514
LCTL at umn.edu  or  janus005 at umn.edu


Subject: Yiddish Radio Today
From:Rochelle Zucker <joeroc at shaw.ca>

Sholem Aleikhem  Tayere Frayndt,

I am doing a presentation at the IAYC (International Association of
Yiddish Clubs) Conference about Yiddish Radio Today - Yidish Radio Haynt

I am looking for any information about regularly scheduled Yiddish radio
programs I am not aware of  that are being broadcast  now.  I mean
programs where as well as playing Yiddish and Klezmer music the talking
and other features are also in Yiddish.

I know about usual suspects: The Forward Hour, The Yiddish Voice - Boston 
Yiddish Radio Australia, Di Naye Idishe Sho (last 15 minutes Glatt 
Mameloshn ) Buenos Aires, as well as my own Winnipeg Yiddish Radio.

Is anyone aware of any others out there - perhaps in Europe, Israel or
even among the Religious Jewish Communities?

If anyone has any details or contacts that could be of use to me, please
email me at joeroc at shaw.ca

A Groysn Dank

Rochelle Zucker
joeroc at shaw.ca

For anyone who wants to hear the Winnipeg Yiddish  Radio show, they can
do so online.  The station broadcasts in real time on the internet at
http://www.ckjs.com.  The show is in every  Sunday at 2:00-2:30  CDT
(3:00-3:30 EDT)


From:  	jodya at ix.netcom.com
Subject: Introduction and question about Chicago's Daily Jewish Courier
Received: Sat Aug 2 13:50:24 2008

Hello, list.

My name is Jody Ames, and as a newcomer am telling a little bit about

I live in Albany, California, near Berkeley, and am a retired computer
programmer.  I don't speak or read Yiddish, but my grandparents did.  I
have been doing a lot of family history research lately, especially to
prepare for the International Jewish Genealogy conference in Chicago in
a couple of weeks, since all of my Dad's side of the family were in
Chicago in the 1880's and 90's, and some up to this day.

I have a memoir written (in English, fortunately) by my great-grandfather 
Heikle (Hyman) Goldberg, probably sometime in the 1920's.  In it, he talks 
about his first wife's death, and says he read an article about it in the 
*Jewish Career,* describing her death and the funeral.  He 
bought 7 copies of the paper, cut out the article, and sent it to friends 
and family in the old country.  I am trying to locate the newspaper.

Her name was Dina Zlota Goldberg, and she died on or near March 26, 1892.

I am assuming the paper he was referring to is the Jewish Daily Courier 
(Idisher Kuryer?), which was published in Yiddish in Chicago beginning in 
the early 1890's as far as I can determine.  The Spertus doesn't have 
issues going back as far as 1892.  I have written to Hebrew Union College, 
which MAY have it, but have received no response.

Can anyone on this list help me locate the newspaper, and then help me
read it?

Thank you in advance for any help you might give me.  It would be much

Jody Ames
jodya at ix.netcom.com

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