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Sept. 3, 2008 


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From: Mark Glanville <yiddishwinterreise at googlemail.com>
Subject: A Yiddish Winterreise for Darfur, Sunday 19 October at The 
Church of Our Most Holy Redeemer, Exmouth Market, EC1

On Sunday, 19 October we will be giving what we consider to be our most 
important performance yet. A Yiddish Winterreise is a cycle
of songs in Yiddish performed by Mark Glanville (Bass-Baritone) and 
Alexander Knapp (Piano), which aims to replicate the emotional
journey of Schubert's original, but in a Holocaust context. From the 
outset it was conceived both as a way of building bridges and
a means of lending support to the victims of modern genocides.
All the profit from this performance, given under the auspices of 
UNICEF, will go to children of refugees from Darfur, a region
which continues to be volatile, five years after the start of the 
conflict. Over 4 million people have been affected, and of these
2 million have been displaced. For the 2.1 million children affected, 
including 630,000 under the age of 5, the conflict has often
meant growing up in difficult conditions in refugee camps. Fighting 
between rebel groups, security forces and the Janjaweed militia
continues largely unrestrained. Entire villages have been wiped out and 
400,000 people have been killed.
The concert will be given at the Church of our Most Holy Redeemer, 
Exmouth Market, London EC1, Sunday 19 October at 19.30. Minimum
charge £10. We urge you to attend.
 'The 24-song cycle of  Yiddish folk songs, popular songs and art songs 
~V half of them arranged by the superb pianist Alexander
Knapp, an expert on Jewish music... lasts 80 minutes and Glanville was 
masterly in sustaining its technical and emotional demands.'
Yehuda Shapiro in Opera Now
'Genuine creative originality in performance is rare indeed, but was 
certainly manifest in this revelatory recital at Kent House.
For once, the cliché is appropri
ate: this was a performance to remember for a lifetime. A CD is planned 
for later this year, and cannot be too strongly

Raymond Fischer in Westminster Quarterly

'Overall it was a musically mezmerizing and beguiling experience. 
Glanville's powerful resonant baritone, redolent of years of
experience in leading opera companies such as Opera North, Scottish 
Opera, and New Israeli Opera, gained in focus and intensity
during the course of the cycle, while Knapp's accomplished pianism 
displayed masterly command of colour and line.'
Malcolm Miller in MVDaily.com

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