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Victor Bers victor.bers at yale.edu
Thu Sep 18 16:12:39 EDT 2008

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Sept. 18, 2008

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Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 12:01:46 EDT
From: ABotwinik at aol.com
Subject: Wunkerkind of the 1930s

Dear friends,

Around 1930, a Wunderkind on tour appeared at a concert in  Vilna. He was
about 7 years old at the time. Does anyone know the full name of  this "little
khazn / singer"? His last name was Epstein.

Thanks very  much!

Sender Botwinik
Tayere fraynd,
Arum 1930, hot a vunderkind ufgetrotn af a kontsert in  Vilne. Er iz geven
arum 7 yor alt. Tsi veys emetser dem fuln nomen fun dem  "kleynem khazndl /
zinger"?  Zayn mishpokhe nomen iz geven Epstein.
A sheynem dank!
Sender  Botwinik

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