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Contents of Vol. 18.023
March 29, 2009

1) gits arayn (Hershl Hartman)
2) gits arayn (Jan Jonk)
3) gits arayn (Leybl Botwinik)
4) gits arayn (Leybl Goldberg)
5) Or zaruah (Sema Chaimovitz Menora)
6) "oyf der sudenyu" (Murry Woldman)

Date: March 9, 2009
Subject:  gits arayn

"gits arayn," as in Zachary Baker's query is, I believe, a dialectal form 
(peylish?) for "git
arayn," the imperative form for gebn -- to give.  It is most frequently 
heard (read, that is)
in "gits a nedove," ("give me a handout" or, in current parlance, "any 
loose change?")
from the mouths of beggars.

Hershl Hartman

Date: March 14, 2009
Subject: gits arayn

Zachary Baker asks about "gits arayn." In the booklet to the CD "Yiddish 
(Jacqui Sussholz) I found the text:

Getts arayn -
Getts arayn a nekhoumele in a yiddische nekhoumele getts arayn a khayes in 
a yied.

And a translation (Hassidic song):
Try to bring solace to a little Jewish man.

A sheynem grus,

Jan Jonk

Date:  March 9. 2009
Subject:  gits arayn

Fun gebn vert: ikh gib, du gist, er git, mir gibn/gebn, zey gibn/gebn, ir 

Mir litvaks zogn vi a bekoshe (oder bafel): 1) zay azoy/azey gut, gib mir 
a kos vaser; 2)
zayt azoy/azey gut, git mir a kos vaser.

Oyf vifl ikh veys, zogn di poylishe yidn:     1) za azo git, git mir a kos 
vaser; 2) zat azo git,
gits mir a kos vaser

Derfar: gits aran

Leybl Botwinik

Date:  March 10, 2009
Subject: gits arayn

I think your instinct that "gits" is a form of "gebn" is correct.  What we 
have here is the
plural imperative for people who say ets-enk-enker (instead of 
ir-aykh-ayer).  It's the same
pattern as the widespread Polish-Jewish leave-taking formula "Hots mir in 
zaats mir! (hots
mir a gitn in zaats mir gizint!)" In literary Yiddish, that is "Hot mir a 
gutn un zayt mir

"In a yidishe neshomele" (assuming "neshomele" is still regarded by the 
speaker as
feminine, despite the diminutive), I'm not so sure, but it sounds like it 
could also
faithfully reflect the singer's spoken Yiddish.  You can find a lot of 
lines, for instance, in
Scholem Asch's work with no -r in the feminine dative, e.g. "bay di tir" 
instead of the
expected literary "bay der tir" (spoken Litvish "bam tir").  (Or could it 
have been "in a
yidishn neshomele"?)

Leybl Goldberg

Date: March 10, 2009
Subject:  Or zaruah

Zachary Baker requested the words for the ditty "Or Zaruah."  This is the 
we used to sing it.

Or zaruah latzadik
u'lyishreh lev simkha
gits arayn, gits arayn a  nekhomele
in a yidishe neshomele

Sema Chaimovitz Menora

Date: March 30, 2009
Subject: "oyf der sudenyu"

"Search" iz alemol di beste shtik far kukn afn der internets far:


Moyshe/Murray valdman/Woldman
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