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April 17, 2009
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Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 10:03:07 +0100
From: Heather Valencia <valencia at deepstone.eclipse.co.uk>
Subject: Sutzkever translated into German

I should like to announce the imminent publication of a new book of 
translations of the poetry and prose of Abraham Sutzkever into German. 
Abraham Sutzkever, *Geh ueber Woerter wie ueber ein Minenfeld: Lyrik und 
Prosa*, will be published by Campus Verlag, Frankfurt/ New York on May 
10th, as the 25th volume of the series Campus Judaica, edited by Renate 
Heuer. This is the most extensive edition yet of Sutzkever's work in 
German, comprising a large selection of his poetry and prose from all 
periods, translated and with notes by Peter Comans. The book contains a 
substantial introduction to Sutzkever's life and poetry by Heather 
Valencia, an essay on his prose work by Peter Comans, and 23 
illustrations. The price is 34,90 euros.  It can be pre-ordered from the 
Campus website:


Abraham Sutzkever
Geh ber Wrter wie ber ein Minenfeld
Lyrik und Prosa
Aus dem Jiddischen bersetzt von Peter Comans, mit einer Einleitung von 
Heather Valencia.
Campus Judaica, BAND 25
Herausgegeben von Renate Heuer 2009, ca. 390 Seiten, geb., mit 23 
Abbildaungen, u.a. von Marc Chagall.
ISBN 978-3-593-38906-6

Heather Valencia
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