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April 27, 2009

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From:info at leagueforyiddish.org
Date: Apreil 21, 2009
LAYTISH MAME-LOSHN nokh a mol in druk!

  In Laytish Mame-Loshn:Observatsyes un Rekomendatyses antdekt Mordkhe 
Shekther - eyner fun di greste Yidish-lingvistn funem 20stn yorhundert - 
farn leyener di raykhkeyt fun der yidisher shprakh. Dos bikhl, a zamlung 
fun zayne ksovim benegeye verter- un varyantn-opklayb, terminologye, 
toponimik un printsipn fun shprakh-normirung, nemt arayn a groysn teyl fun 
zayne shprakh-normative arbetn un notitsn, gedrukte in farsheydene 
zhurnaln af farsheydene kontinentn vi, lemoshl, Afn Shvel, Goldene Keyt, 
Davke, Yidishe Shprakh, vi oykh a hipshe tsol bamerkungen gedrukte inem 
bikhl tsum ershtn mol.
     Laytish Mame-Loshn, aroysgegebn fun der Yidish-Lige in 1986, iz shoyn 
lang oysfarkoyft. Mit groys freyd meldn mir az mir drukn iber dem band. 
Dos bikhl vet zayn an oytser far a nayem dor yidish-reders un -leyeners.

Bashtelt itst! $30 plus postgelt (Fareynikte Shtatn - $5; Kanade - $10, 
oysland - $12). Aynvoyners fun shtat N"Y darfn tsoln 8.65% shtayern.
Shtelt oys ayer tshek tsu: League for Yiddish un shikt ayer bashtelung 
oder kredit-kartl-informatsye af dem adres: League for Yiddish, 64 Fulton 
St., Suite 1101, New York, NY 10038. Ir kent oykh bashteln af undzer 
vebzaytl, www.leagueforyiddish.org

Ir kent zen dem toykhn funem band vi oykh nokh informatsye af undzer 
vebzaytl: www.leagueforyiddish.org


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