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Mon Aug 24 15:57:35 EDT 2009

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Aug. 25, 2009

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Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2009 10:16:21 +0200
From: Brith Haavoda <brtavoda at netvision.net.il>
Subject: MENDELE Personal Notices and Announcements - Nayer bukh fun 
Yitzhak Luden

Tayere Mendelyaner,

        Es iz norvos dershinen in Leyvik-Farlag in Tel-Aviv dos naye bukh 
        Yitzhak Luden "In Geyeg Nokh Momentn ~@~S Aktuele Publitsistik fun 
di Hayntike
        un di Nekhtike Teg".

        Dos bukh iz ayngeteylt in tsvey bend: I. Tele-Vizyonern (480 zaytn) 
        II. Di Eybike Rege.(484 zaytn) un iz an opkloyb fun dem mekhabers 
iber 200
        artiklen, felyetonen, esseyen, reportazhn, rayze-korespondentsn, 
        ophandlungen un dertzeylungen ~@~S vos shpiglen op "di drame fun der 
        tog-teglekhkeyt" un shteln for mit zikh a kolirfule mozayik fun der
        lebediker virklekhkeyt fun undzer epokhe.

        Der mekhaber farmest zikh in zayn Bukh tsu brengen far dem leyener 
        andere zayt" fun der geshikhte: dem gerangl mit di tog-teglekhe 
        vos vern farshvundn fun undzer zikorn tsuzamen mit di tzaytungen in 
        zey zaynen gevorn gedrukt un nokh dem aroysgevorfn nokhn leyenen 
~@~S in
        kegnzats tsu der formeler geshikhte vos vert geshribn fun historiker 
        oyfn smakh fun trukene dokumentn fun melukhishe oder geselshaftlekhe 
        anshtaltn un institutsyes. Di tog-teglekhe dokumentatsye, di 
pasirungen in di
        oyfgekhapte momentn funem lebn, nokh velkhe es yogt zikh der 
zhurnalist, der
        yeger fun di momentn ~@~S zey zaynen di faktishe geshikhte.

        Azoy arum, zogt der mekhaber fun dem bukh, geyt di geshikhte 
farloyrn far
        der geshikhte...Der shraybstil fun Yitskhok Luden iz geboyt lerov 
        aroysbrengen di paradoksn un oysterlishkeytn fun di "oyfgekhapte 
        velkhe boyen di dozike mozayik funem gezelshaftlekhn lebn. Er 
derlangt zi
        mit a hibsher mos fun ironye in a lebedik flisikn Yidish.
luden at netvision.net.il

        Tayere Mendelyaner,

        Yitzhak Luden's new book "Der Geyeg Nokh Momentn" ("In Pursuit of 
        Moment"), has recently been published by Leyvik-Farlag in Tel-Aviv.

        The book is comprised of two volumes: Vol I: "Tele-Vizionern"
        ("Tele-Visionaries")(480 pages), and Vol II: "Di Eybike Rege" ("The 
        Moment") (484 pages). The book is a selected collection of the 
author's more
        than 200 articles, feuillitones, essays, reports, and travel
        correspondence - which together produce a colorful mosaic reflecting 
        social life and its problems in today's Israel.

        The author strives to bring to the reader "the other side" of 
history: the
        struggle confronting our day-to-day life which vanishes from our 
        together with the newspapers in which they are printed and after 
        are disposed of - as opposed to formal history recorded by 
historians based
        on dry government documents or social groups, and institutions.

        Yitskhok Luden's writing style emphasizes the paradoxes and the 
peculiarities of the "captured moment"
with a great deal of irony in a lively flowing Yiddish.

luden at netvision.net.il

Arbeter-ring in Yisroel - Brith Haavoda
Tel Aviv

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