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Mendele Personal Notices & Announcements

Dec. 3, 2009

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A referat af Yidish fun D"r Sheve Tsuker af der teme, Dos Baytndike 
Shlikhes fun a Yidish-Zhurnal, AFn Shvel 1941 - Haynt,
Fraytik dem 11tn Detsember,11:30 in der fri in Beyt-Leivik, Dov Hoz 30, 

Ba zayn breyshes in 1941 iz Afn Shvel geven a politisher zhurnal, der 
organ fun der Frayland-Lige far der yidisher teritorialistisher 
kolonizatsye vos hot getsilevet tsu  etablirn a mokem-miklat far yidn in 
azelkhe ekzotishe lender vi Oystralye un Surinam. Shpeter iz er gevorn der 
organ fun der nay-formirter apolitisher Yidish-Lige unter der redaktsye 
fun ir oysfir-sekretar, dem bakantn lingvist D"r Mordkhe Shekhter. Unter 
Shekhtern iz der zhurnal megulgl gevorn in a tribune far yidishism un 
afile militantishn yidishizm. In zayn letstn gilgl, unter der redaktsye 
fun D"r Sheve Tsukern, iz der zhurnal gevorn a tsaytshrift far ale vos 
hobn lib di yidishe shprakh un kultur. In di letste 4 yor hot zikh di 
leyenershaft hipsh fargresert mit kemat 50%, nit kin kleyner uftu bam 
hayntikn tog ven di tsol yidish-leyeners farklenert zikh un vikhtike 
tsaytungen un zhurnaln af a sakh shprakhn shlisn zikh iber der gorer velt.

D"r Sheve Tsuker iz der oysfir-sekretar fun der Yidish-Lige vi oykh der 
redaktor fun ir organ Afn Shvel. Dertsu  iz zi a lerer un lektor un hot 
gelernt un gehaltn lektsyes vegn der yidisher shprakh, literatur un kultur 
af finf kontinentn. Zi iz shoyn mer vi a yortsendling afn lerer-personal 
fun der Uriel Vaynraykh zumer-program in yidisher shprakh, literatur un 
kultur (YIVO/Nyu-Yorker Universitet, Nyu-York). Zi iz di mekhaberte fun di 
lernbikhlekh Yidish - An araynfir: shprakh, literatur & kultur, band I & 
II vi oykh der tsunoyfshteler un aroysgeber fun dem kompaktl "Di Goldene 
Pave: Dos Kol fun dem Yidishn Shrayber".

A talk  in Yiddish by Dr. Sheva Zucker, Friday, December 11
11:30 A.M. at Beit Leivik, Dov Hoz 30, Tel-Aviv
The Changing Mission of a Yiddish Magazine
Afn Shvel 1941 - The Present

At its inception in 1941 Afn Shvel was a politically oriented magazine, 
the organ of the Freeland League for  Jewish Territorialist Colonization 
which sought to find a safe haven for Jews in places as farflung as 
Australia and Suriinam. Later it became the organ of the newly formed 
apolitical League for Yiddish under the editorship of its 
executive-director, linguist Dr. Mordkhe Schaechter. As such it was a 
platform for Yiddishism, and indeed, even militant Yiddishism. In its 
latest gilgul, under the editorhip of Dr. Sheva Zucker, the magazine has 
become a non-polemical forum for all those who are interested in Yiddish 
and Yiddish culture. It has increased its readership by almost 50%, no 
small feat in this day and age when Yiddish readers are diminishing and 
major newspapers and magazines in many languages are closing all over the 

Dr.  Sheva Zucker  is currently the Executive Director of the League for 
Yiddish and the editor of  its magazine Afn Shvel. She is also a teacher 
and lecturer and has taught and lectured on Yiddish language, literature 
and culture on five continents. She teaches Yiddish in the Uriel Weinreich 
Summer Program in Yiddish Language, Literature and Culture  under the 
auspices of New York University  and the YIVO Institute for Jewish 
Research in New York City and taught Yiddish and Jewish Literature for 
many years at Duke University. She is the author of the textbooks Yiddish: 
An Introduction to the Language, Literature & Culture, Vols. I & II and 
compiler and producer of the CD "The Golden Peacock: The Voice of the 
Yiddish Writer."

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