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Sat Nov 21 18:04:28 EST 2009

Mendele Personal Notices & Announcements

Nov. 21, 2009 

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YUNG YiDiSH is happy to inform all its members, supporters and friends 
about  the upcoming *JERUSALEM CONFERENCE: A Century of Yiddish 
1908-2008* which will take place at Hebrew University on December 7-10, 
2009. YUNG YiDiSH is a partner of this *international academic 
conference which is open to the public.* Be sure to be able to attend by 
registering now for the whole 4-day conference (coffee included) for 150 
NIS only.

Register soon or call for more info: hguys at vms.huji.ac.il 
or  02-5883527.???????????:

*??? ???????: ??? ???? ????? **2008-1908*

    7-10/12/2009  at the Hebrew University, Givat Ram

    To download the full program and the registration form, go to the
    following link at our YUNG YiDiSH site.

Wishing you a good and succesfull week - a gute, mazldike vokh

The YUNG YiDiSH crew


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