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Mendele Personal Notices & Announcements

Sept. 17, 2009

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Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2009 13:59:38 +0200
From: Brith Haavoda <brtavoda at netvision.net.il>
Subject: MENDELE Personal Notices and Announcements - Arbeter-ring Tel 
Aviv Onheyb Sezon

[Apologies for the late posting--Untershames]

Tayere Mendelyaner,

Der kultur-krayz baym Arbeter-Rung in Tel-aviv farbet di libhobers fun 
yidish tsu der prezentatsye fun dem norvos dershinenem tsvei-bendikn bukh 
fun Itschok Luden, "In Geyeg Nokh Momentn", mit velkhn mir derefenen dem 
nayem tetikeyt-sezon nokh di zumer-vakatsyes.

Der fayerlekher kultur-frimorgn vet forkumen mitvokh dem 9-tn September 
11:30 in zal fun Arbeter-Ring rekhov Kalisher 48  -  mit a referat vun 
Prof. Avrom Novershtern un mit der aktiver bateylikung fun der dikhterin 
Rivke Basman - Ben-Khayim, redaktor Israel Rudnicki, di vort-kinstlerin 
Shura Grinhoyz-Turkov, un mitn oyftrit fun der zingerin Esti Nissim 
Svidensky), un dem Mikhal Klepfish-khor baym Arbeter-Ring.

Undzer klub mit zayn raykher yidisher bibliotek iz ofn yedn tog tzvishn 
10:00 un 14:00 far ale libhobers fun der Yidisher shprakh un kultur.

Mir trefn zikh vayter oyf di frimorgns fun dem kultur-krayz:

23 Sept., 11:30, Dr. Mordechai Yushkovski, "Di Yidishe Sovyetishe 
Literatur zvishn Blyung un Untergang". In artistishn tayl:
di zingerin Vera Loszinki, baym klavir: Regina Driker

14 Oct., 11:30, Shura Grinhoyz-Turkow - 70 Yor Yiddish Teater, mit Rivka 
Basman Ben-Chaim, Itschak Luden, Dr. Leah Ayalon.
In artistishn tayl: Raykher kinstlerisher program.

28 Oct., 11:30, Bay uns tsu gast: der Yidisher Geselshaft fun Yerushalaim, 
Mordekhai Dunitz, Arye Firstenberg vegn "Itzik Manger".

11 Nov.,11:30, Dr. Gila Flamm, "Klezmer Muzik fun Bessarabia", In 
artistishn tayl: Samson Kimmelmakher

25 Nov., 11:30, Prof. Avrum Noverstern, "Mendele Moikher Seforim - Zvishn 
Seykhl un Gefil". In artistishn tayl: Haia Livni - fidlerin, Shura 
Grinhoyz-Turkow leyent Mendele

10 Detz., 11:30, Di mitglider fun Krayz zenen farbetn onteyl tsu nemen in 
shlus fun der Yerushalaimer Konferents vegn Hundert Yor Yiddish - 

15 Detz., 11:30, "Khanuke frimorgn", vegn Yom-tov Khanuke leyent for Rivka 
Basman Ben-Chaim. In artistishn tayl: Di shoyshpilern Annabella, un der 
Klepfish khor baym Arbeter-Ring

29 Detz., 11:30, "Mir Gedenkn Yosef Papiernikov", Itschak Luden. In 
artistishn tayl: di zingerin Tova Ben-Tsvi, di dikhtern Rivka Basman 

Der nayer "Lebns-fragn" fun Yuli-Oygust 2009, numer 681-682 iz aroys.

Mir vintshn aleh undzere leyener, fraynd un khaverim a gezunt un fraylekh 
yor fun gezunt, sholem un derfolg.


Dear Mendelyaner,

The Arbeter-ring Kultur-krayz invites all lovers of Yiddish to the launch 
of Itzhak Luden's new two-volume book,"In Geyeg Nokh Momentn", with which 
we open our 2009-2010 cultural season.

This festive morning will take place Wed., Sept. 9th at 11:30 A.M. in the 
auditorium at 48 Kalisher Street, Tel Aviv - with a lecture by Prof. Avrom 
Novershtern, and active participation of Rivka Basman - Ben-Chaim, the 
editor Israel Rudnicki, the actress Shura Grinhoyz-Turkow, and 
performances by the singer Esti Nissim (Svidensky), and the Klepfish choir 
of the Arbeter-Ring.

Our institution with its rich Yiddish library is open daily 10:00 to 14:00 
for all lovers of the Yiddish culture and language.

We continue our tradition of cultural mornings as follows:

9 Sept., 11:30, Prof. Avrum Noverstern, Yisruel Rudnicki, Rivka Basman 
Ben-Chaim, Presentation of Itschak Luden's new 2-volume book "In Geyeg 
Nokh Momentn". Artistic program: Shura Grinhoyz-Turkow, the singer Esti 
Nissim (Svidensky), Klepfish choir of the Arbeter-Ring

23 Sept., 11:30, Dr. Mordechai Yushkovski, "Yiddish Soviet Literature 
between Blossoming and Destruction". Artistic program: the singer Vera 
Loszinki, accompanied by: Regina Driker

14 Oct., 11:30, Shura Grinhoyz-Turkow - 70 Years Yiddish Theater, with 
Rivka Basman Ben-Chaim, Itschak Luden, Dr. Leah Ayalon. Artistic program: 
Rich cultural program.

28 Oct., 11:30, We host the Yiddish Society of Jerusalem, with Mordekhai 
Dunitz, Arye Firstenberg on "Itzik Manger".

11 Nov.,11:30, Dr. Gila Flamm, "Bessarabian Klezmer Music", Artistic 
program: Samson Kimmelmakher

25 Nov., 11:30, Prof. Avrum Noverstern, "Mendele Moikher Seforim - Between 
Logic and Emotion". Artistic program: violinist Haia Livni,
Shura Grinhoyz-Turkow reads Mendele

10 Dec., 11:30, Members of our Cultural Circle are invited to participate 
in the Jerusalem Conference on 100 years Yiddish 1908-2008

15 Dec., 11:30, "Chanukah", readings by Rivka Basman Ben-Chaim.
Artistic program: the actress Annabella, Klepfish choir of the 

29 Dec., 11:30, "We Remember Yosef Papiernikov", Itschak Luden.
Artistic program: singer Tova Ben-Tsvi, poet Rivka Basman Ben-Chaim

The July-August 2009 issue of our bi-monthly "Lebns-fragn", number 681-682 
has been published. It can also be read online at: www.lebnsfragn.com

With best wishes to all our friends for a healthy happy New Year of peace,

Bella Bryks-Klein
Arbeter-ring in Yisroel - Brith Haavoda
48 Kalisher Street
Tel Aviv Israel

Tel/fax: 972-3-517-6764
E-mail: brtavoda at netvision.net.il

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