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Mendele Personal Notices & Announcements

May 3, 2010

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Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2010 01:50:32 +0100
From: Geraldine Auerbach <jewishmusic at jmi.org.uk>

I wonder if subscribers to Mendele would be so kind as to mention in your 
communications to your colleagues or students, the summer courses in 
Yiddish  culture that take place in London UK from 1 - 13 August 2010.

[The posting also mentioned the European Cantors Convention 21 - 24 June, 
not here included--Untershames]

Of specific interest may be the new two-week Yiddish song course that 
combines learning Yiddish language with the finer points of 
interpretation, pronunciation and style of Yiddish song with Michael 
Alpert of New York and Shura Lipovsky of Amsterdam and also Polina 
Shepherd and Hilda Bronstein of the UK.  We believe that this course for 
serous singers who want to interest them selves in Yiddish song may be 
unique in the world and should be of wide interest.

Details are below - and more information on the JMI Website www.jmi.org.uk

Many thanks

Geraldine Auerbach MBE
Director, Jewish Music Institute
T 020 8909 2445    M 07971 818 262
E jewishmusic at jmi.org.uk
W www.jmi.org.uk

World Music Summer School at SOAS
JMI KlezFest London
1-13 August 2010
Learn Yiddish Sing Yiddish Play Klezmer Dance

Be one of the 150 instrumentalists, singers and dancers and Yiddish 
language students that converge in London each summer to learn the 
traditional culture, music, song and dance of Eastern European Jewish 
communities from  ages past.

Now in its 10th year, the popular JMI KlezFest - which is part of the 
World Music Summer School at SOAS, brings to London some of the most 
inspirational teachers from America, Europe and the UK for week-long 
practical courses in repertoire, interpretation and style of klezmer music 
with dedicated strands for Yiddish song and dance as well as the Yiddish 
language. Bands welcome with performance opportunities.

Students of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. In the popular Yiddish 
crash-course Ot Azoy! (1 - 6 August), classes are held at four levels, 
from complete beginners to advanced.  For KlezFest (8 - 13 August), music 
and song students are taught according to competence on their instruments 
(from about grade 5 and above - to professional). The dedicated dance 
strand requires no set standard or experience - just a love of dancing.

A new, two-week song programme called Tumbala! - integrated with both Ot 
Azoy! and KlezFest - runs from 1 to 13 August. For the first time, serious 
singers will have the opportunity of absorbing repertoire and 
interpretation of Yiddish song together with learning to speak, read and 
write the language. Members of the public may enjoy four concerts by 
international Yiddish andklezmer stars who will be gathering in London as 
teachers at KlezFest. (Booking is already open for these concerts at 
www.ticketweb.co.uk  08444 77

  Students have commented:  'I came away uplifted and inspired!'; 'Not only 
did I experience a wealth of new music and techniques, but also a renewed 
outlook on life and music in general';  'A hugely valuable insight into 
Jewish music, tradition and culture'.

Courses take place at SOAS Vernon Square Campus, Penton Rise, London WC1X 
235 full rate 135 student rate fro one week (400/200 for two weeks).
To enroll for JMI KlezFest London call 020 8909 2445 e-mail
jewishmusic at jmi.org.uk or register online at the JMI Website 

Details of the courses

Ot Azoy! Yiddish Language Course
Sunday 1 - Friday 6 August
This is the way to speak, read and write Yiddish in a week!  (Yes you 

A wonderful introduction to the language and culture for everyone, 
including singers, and klezmer players - from complete beginners to 
advanced students, all ages and backgrounds.   Led by Dr. Helen (Khayele) 
Beer with a superb international faculty, the course with classes in 4 
Levels has serious grammar and vocabulary sessions as well as 
conversation, song, drama
and film.
Presented by the Jewish Music Institute
SOAS University of London
Vernon Square Campus, Penton Rise, London WC1X 9EW
235 Students 135 (some scholarships available)
Details and Registration, online at www.jmi.org.uk

JMI KlezFest London
Sunday 8 - Friday 13 August 2010
Eastern European Jewish music, song and dance
Includes a dedicated Song School and Dance Strand

Inspiring and fun workshops on repertoire, style, ornamentation and 
interpretation of Eastern European Jewish music led by New York trumpeter 
Frank London with expert American, European and British faculty. Includes, 
ensemble playing, singing and dancing, for professional and amateur 
instrumentalists (about grade 5 and above) of all ages and backgrounds, 
(klezmer virgins as well as experienced klezmer players), and for singers 
and dancers. Bands welcome with performance and masterclass opportunities. 
A heart-warming, unstoppable, week - exhausting, fantastic and fun.

Presented by the Jewish Music Institute
SOAS University of London
Vernon Square Campus, Penton Rise, London WC1X 9EW
235 Students 135 (some scholarships available)
Details and Registration, online at www.jmi.org.uk
jewishmusic at jmi.org.uk,  +44 (0)20 8909 2445 and

NEW! Tumbala! - the London Yiddish Song School
Sunday 1 - Friday 13 August 2010
Announcing a new two-week summer course emphasizing Yiddish language study 
(week 1) together with expert guidance in repertoire, context, 
pronunciation and interpretation of Yiddish song - for serious singers 
from both classical and folk backgrounds  Masterclasses and workshops with 
some of the world's most revered researchers and interpreters in the 
field, Michael Alpert (New York), Shura Lipovsky (Amsterdam), Polina 
Shepherd (Brighton), Hilda Bronstein (London) and Yiddish linguists Helen 
Beer (London) and Sonia Pinkusowitz (Brussels).

Presented by the Jewish Music Institute
SOAS University of London
Vernon Square Campus, Penton Rise, London WC1X 9EW
This course runs parallel and is integrated with Ot Azoy! JMI Yiddish 
course (1-6 August) and KlezFest London (8-13 August).
Song participants may enrol for one or both weeks. 235 per week 400 if
doing both weeks
  (Students 135 per week 200 if doing both weeks) Some scholarships
Details and Registration, online at www.jmi.org.uk
jewishmusic at jmi.org.uk,  +44 (0)20 8909 2445 and

Four Concerts at JMI KlezFest London

Wednesday 4 August 7.30pm
Queen Esther and Hilda with Chutzpah!
Hilda Bronstein with Chutzpah! from London and The Queen Esther Trio: Emma 
Stiman, Mark Kovnatsky and Ilya Shneyveys, from Europe sing and play 
vibrant and poignant klezmer and Yiddish music from their new CDs Brunei 
Gallery Lecture Theatre SOAS Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square,London WC1H 

Sunday 8 August 7.30pm
Klezmer in Richmond
A showcase of Klezmer bands visiting London from around the world.
Richmond Synagogue Lichfield Road, Richmond-on-Thames, Surrey TW9 1AP

Monday 9 August 7.30pm
Tumbalalaika -Yiddish songs of Love and Romance
Doyens of Yiddish song from America, Europe and Britain Michael Alpert, 
Shura Lipovsky, Polina Shepherd and Hilda Bronstein bring you the most 
exquisite and surprising love songs - from around the Yiddish world.Union 
Chapel, Compton Terrace, Upper Street, London N1 2UN

Wednesday 11 August 7.30pm
Klezmer Klimax! The Ultimate Klezmer Concert
American, European and British Klezmer luminaries including Frank London, 
Michael Alpert, Deborah Strauss, Jeff Warschauer, Merlin Shepherd, Andreas 
Schmitges, Ilana Cravitz, Ros Hawley, Paul Tkachenko, Emma Stiman, and 
Wood bring you the most exciting klezmer sounds around.
Union Chapel, Compton Terrace, Upper Street, London N1 2UN

Concert tickets: 18 in advance (includes booking fee) 20 on the door

15 each for booking two concerts and 12.50 each if booking for three or 
four concerts
www.ticketweb.co.uk  08444 77 1000 Booking now open

Part of JMI KlezFest, London 1 - 13 August JMI's summer schools with 
weeklong courses in Yiddish language and in repertoire, style and 
interpretation of Eastern European Jewish music, song and dance
www.jmi.org.uk  (see overleaf)

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