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Contents of Vol. 20.001
May 15, 2010

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1) I.B. Singer story sought (Marc Caplan)
2) I.B. Singer story sought (Cedric Ginsberg)
3) I.B. Singer story sought (Pearl Solomon)
4) Yiddish cooking -songs and text(Milna Kartowski)
Date: April 26, 2010
Subject: I.B. Singer story sought

Russell Block seeks information on an I.B. Singer story about a Holocaust 
survivor invited to a ball in New York City.

It seems to me that the story he refers to is translated as "A Wedding in 
Brownsville," which appears in the 1965 collection "Short Friday" 
(pp.190-206) but NOT in the "Collected Stories" published in 1996. It 
doesn't appear in any of the Yiddish collections of Bashevis's writing 
that I possess.

The main character of the story, Solomon Margolin, also appears in roughly 
the same contours in Bashevis's novel "Shadows on the Hudson" (1998) and 
so one might consider this story an "outtake" from the longer novel-which 
certainly would not have suffered from judicious editing!
I agree with Mr. Block that it's one of Bashevis's best ghost stories.

I hope this helps,

Marc Caplan

[Moderator's note: A similar response was sent by Sheva Tsuker.]
Date: April 26, 2010
Subject: I.B. Singer story sought

In the collection of Singer's short stories called "The Sance" (my copy is 
published in London by Jonathan Cape, 1970), there is a story "Two corpses 
go dancing."  It does not exactly fit the description, but seems to be in 
a similar vein. As an author's note, I.B. Singer wrote that the story was 
originally published in Yiddish in 1943 - presumably in the "Forverts."

Cedric Ginsberg
Date: April 25, 2010
Subject:  I. B. Singer story sought

I am answering a question from Russell Block about an I.B. Singer story. I 
may have already sent this answer; your system of answering queries is a 
mystery to me. The story is "A Wedding in Brownsville." It was published 
in Commentary, March, 1964; also in a short story collection called Short 
Friday. I believe it was written in English. It is, in my memory, a very 
great story.

Pearl Solomon

Date: May 9, 2010
Subject: Yiddish cooking

Hello, I'm Milna Kartowski, a French actress-singer. For my new Yiddish 
creation I'm looking for some texts and songs about the Yiddish cooking 

a groysn dank,
Milna Kartowski
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