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Feb. 13, 2011

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Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2011 11:58:04 -0800
From: Dan Opatoshu opatoshu at yiddishkayt.org
Subject: Yiddishkayt Seeks an Executive Director

Yiddishkayt Los Angeles, CA

Yiddishkayt is a small cultural nonprofit in Los Angeles founded in 1995. 
We strive to ensure the survival of the endangered thousand-year legacy of 
Yiddish language, culture and history. Originally a producer of the 
largest Yiddish festivals in the country, we have evolved into a 
full-service nonprofit organization. With groundbreaking language, 
education and cultural programs, inventive partnerships, large-scale 
events, and innovative online communications, Yiddishkayt promotes and 
celebrates Yiddish as a profound pathway to Jewish identity. Yiddishkayt 
seeks an Executive Director who will be committed to its mission and lead 
the organization to a new level of capacity and sustainability. The ideal 
candidate is an experienced visionary and collaborative leader capable of 
guiding the organization and providing supervision to its staff and 
volunteers in cooperation with its board.

Our current staff includes one full-time and two part-time members. 

The Executive Director will:

Act as the face of Yiddishkayt and promote, maintain and develop 
relationships within the Yiddish and Jewish community at large.

Lead strategic fund development and financial development in keeping with 
Yiddishkayt's needs and priorities.

Develop an annual strategic plan and implementation of its goals.

Lead and supervise staff and volunteers in carrying out the multifaceted 
work of Yiddishkayt, which includes a fellowship program, language 
education, and large and small cultural events.

Oversee the bi-monthly e-newsletter "Yidbits," which goes out to 
approximately 6,000 members of our community.

Help develop the Board of Directors by assisting in recruitment of members 
who possess the optimal skills needed to strengthen and support our 

Prepare an annual budget.

Initiate, organize and promote programs that enhance Yiddishkayt's 
visibility, relevance, and effectiveness.

Act as staff liaison for Board of Directors and the local community. 
Communicate Yiddishkayt's mission and programs with staff, volunteers and 

The Executive Director will have the following skills and qualities: - 
Minimum of Bachelor's Degree in relevant field - A minimum of 5-7 years 
experience in a leadership position within the nonprofit or academic 
realms with one or all of the following: fundraising, community 
organization, program development, communications, financial management 
and staff management. - Outstanding leadership, interpersonal and team 
building skills. - Demonstrated fundraising capabilities. - Ability to 
assume independent responsibility, take initiative, and manage numerous 
responsibilities simultaneously. - Experience with management and 
supervision of staff. - Excellent oral and written communication skills; 
ability to communicate Yiddishkayt's mission to the media and public. - 
Deep engagement with the historic and contemporary Yiddish world. - 
Connections to the national Jewish community and/or Los Angeles Jewish 
community. - Possess an entrepreneurial drive.

Application Instructions -  Please email resume and cover letter to 
info at yiddishkayt.org. Hard copies will not be accepted. Please send as 
.doc or .pdf. - Applications will be accepted until position is filled. We 
would like to fill the position as soon as possible. - Salary is $50-$60K, 
with benefits, commensurate with experience. -

For questions, please call 
213-389-8880 or email info at yiddishkayt.org

A sheynem dank for your 

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