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Wed Feb 23 10:02:42 EST 2011

Mendele Personal Notices & Announcements

February 23, 2011

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Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2011 17:57:01 EST
From: Shevayidishlige at aol.com
Subject: Looking for people once connected with Afn Shvel, Frayland-Lige 
oder Yidish-Lige

(English follows Yiddish)

Kent ir emetsn vos iz geven a mol farbundn mit Afn Shvel, Frayland-Lige 
oder Yidish-Lige? Tayere Mendelayaner, Mir zukhn mentshn vos kenen undz 
helfn gefinen kroyvim (in s'rov faln kinds-kinder) oder khaveyrim un 
bakante fun di vayterdike yekhidim vos hobn zikh a mol gedrukt in dem 
zhurnal Afn Shvel oder vos zaynen a mol geven aktiv in der Frayland-Lige 
oder in der Yidish-Lige. Mir praven hayor etlekhe vikhtike yoyvlen un mir 
voltn gevolt lozn noente mentshn visn vegn gevise unternemungen. Oyb ir 
hot kontakt-informatsye, oder stam adresn oder blitsadresn oder beyde, 
zayt azoy gut un shikt zey tsu. Oyb ir, oder emetser vos ir kent, iz geven 
a mol aktiv un ir gefint zikh nit af der reshime, zayt moykhl. Shemt zikh 
nit un lozt undz visn vi mir kenen zikh shteln in farbindung mit aykh. Di 
reshime (vos kumt nokh der englisher iberzetsung) iz aranzhirt loyt dem 
englishn alef-beys ober ale nemen vern transliterirt loyt dem yidishn 
aroysred. Shtelt zikh in farbindung mit: sheva at leagueforyiddish.org

Looking for people once connected to Afn Shvel, Freeland League or League 
for Yiddish

We are looking for people who might be able to point us to the family (in 
most cases, descendants) or friends of the following people who published 
in the magazine Afn Shvel or were active in the Freeland League or the 
League for Yiddish. We are celebrating significant anniversaries this year 
and would like to inform people of upcoming events.  If you have any 
contact information, address or email or both, please send it. If you or 
someone connected to you was active and you don't find yourselves listed, 
please forgive us and let us know how to contact you. The list is arranged 
according to the English alphabet but all names are transliterated 
according to the Yiddish pronunciation. Please respond to Sheva Zucker: 
sheva at leagueforyiddish.org

Zelik Bak,  M. Balberishki,  Leybl Bayon,  Lili Berger (Pariz),  Shloyme 
Bikl, Sh. Braynes, Tankhum Brays,  Meyer Bursuk,  B. Byalistotski, 
Nosn-Shmuel Davis,  Dzheni (Jenny) Daymond,  Moyshe Dluzhnovski, Azarye 
Dobrushkes,  Yehude Elberg,  Sore Fridman,  Dr L.M.  Fruchtboym,  Dr L. 
Fuks (Holand), Arn Glants-Leyeles,  Yankev Glatshteyn,  Volf Gliksman, 
Oscar Goldberg,  Avrom Golomb,  Yoyne Gorodiski (Argentine),  Vera Haken, 
Efraim Harison, Meyer Hurvits,  Dovid Ignatov,  Leybl Kahan,  Leye Kantor, 
Shmuel un Sime Kaplan,  Y. Karo (Rumenye),  Yitskhok Katsherginski,  Zeydl 
Khabotski,  Meyer Kharats, Malke-Kheyfets Tuzman,  Nosn (Natan) Khofshi, 
Elkone Khrablovski,  Avrom King,  Rifke Kope (Pariz),  Ezra Korman,  Blume 
Lempel,  Yankev Leshtshinski,  Yankev Levin,  Elye Lipiner 
(Yisroel/Brazil),  Helen un Shmuel Londinski,  Shoel Malts,  Meyer Borekh 
Mendelsberg,  Yehude un Keylye Minkin,  Yoysef Okrutni
(Argentine), Hirsh Osherovitsh,  Yitskhok Paner,  Yeshue Rapaport 
(Oystralye), Dr B. Raptshinski (Holand),  Meylekh Ravitsh,  Dr A. Robak, 
Ester Rozental-Shnayderman,  M.M Shafir,  Yankev-Tsvi Shargel (Yisroel), 
Osher Shtshutshinski,  Elye Shulman,  Z. Shnyadover (Meksike),  Shloyme 
Shvarts,  Moyshe Smilanksi,  Arn Stef/Staf,  Mendl Sudarski,  Daniel 
Tsharni,  Dr Shloyme-Zalmen Yuveli,  Dr Khayem Zhitlovski

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