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Sat May 7 21:01:03 EDT 2011

Mendele Personal Notices & Announcements

May 7, 2011

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Date: Fri, 6 May 2011 13:19:42 -0700
From: hanoe itst <hanoe22 at gmail.com>
Subject: Stories by Abraham Karpinovitch

I am preparing a collection of English translations of Vilna stories by 
Abraham Karpinovitch  In the introduction to the collection, I plan to 
include a discussion of Karpinovitch's aims and methodology as a writer. 
Amongst other themes, I will look at Karpinovitch's role as a memorialist, 
particularly of the lives of the amkho/common people. I will also discuss 
the ways in which he synthesized fact~T and fiction..

I would appreciate any record of Karpinovitch's own words (either written 
or recorded) on this topic.

I would also like information on Abraham Karpinovitch's relationship to 
Birobadjan including why he went, when, and a few details of what he 
experienced there.

Any assistance with these themes would be greatly appreciated. Please 
contact Helen Mintz at hanoe22 at gmail.com. Thank you.

ikh halt in tsugreytn a zamlung fun Avraham Karpinovitches vilner 
dertseylungen, ibergezetst auf english. in dem araynfir vel ikh shraybn 
vegn Karpinovitches tsil un metodologye vi a shrayber, zayn role vi 
emetzer vos fareybikt, bifrat dos Vilne amkho. ikh vil oykh kukn af vi 
azoy er hot sintezizirt fakt mit oysegratrakhte protim.

oyb ir veyst vu ikh ken gefinen Karpinovitches eygene verter (geshribn 
oder rekordirt) vegn azoyne temas un vet mir contaktirn, volt ikh geven 
zeyer tsufridn.

ikh vil oykh visn far vos karpinovitches iz geforn keyn birobadjan, ven er 
iz dortn geforn, un a bisl vegn vos er hot dortn ibergelebt.

zayt azoy gut un shraybt tsu Khave Mintz, hanoe22 at gmail.com. a groysn 


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