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Mendele: Yiddish literature and language

Contents of Vol. 21.016
March 28, 2012

1) Proust in Yiddish (Jordan Magill)
2) Nietzsche in Yiddish (Josh Price)
3) tsezeyt in "Rozhinkes mit mandlen" (Mark Froimowitz)
4) shiebel (Berta Kipnis)
5) vinkl-kheyder (Helene B. Katz)
6) "Khanele lernt loshn-koydesh" (Itsik Goldenberg)
7) "Khanele lernt loshn-koydesh" (Yael Chaver)

8) List of biographies found within Zylbercweig's and Reyzen's "Lexicons"
    now completed (Steven Lasky)

Date:   March 27
Subject: Proust in Yiddish

This may seem an odd question, but does someone know if any or all of 
Proust's "In Search of Lost Time" was translated into Yiddish before the 
war? And if it was, any idea where a copy might be located?

On a different and more pedestrian topic: can someone tell me what Yiddish 
phrase would equate to the English colloquialism "same S%#!, different 

Given Yiddish, I would have suspected that there was a whole list, but 
I've been unable to locate one.
Many thanks, in advance, for your assistance.

Jordan Magill

Date: March 13
Subject: Nietzsche in Yiddish

Zhitlovski's translation of Zarathustra is quite well-known, though not 
until today did I stumble across a couple of other translations of 
Nietzsche into Yiddish: Ecce homo: vi m'vert, vos men iz and Dyonizos 
difirambn, both published by Varshe: Turem in 1929, and both translated by 
N. Aybeshits. Does anyone have additional information on the

Josh Price

Date: March 14
Subject: tsezeyt in "Rozhinkes mit mandlen"

There is a line in the famous Yiddish song Rozinkes mit Mandlen that goes 
"Az du vest amol zayn tsezeyt oyf der velt."  What is the meaning of the 
word "tsezeyt?"

Mark Froimowitz

Date: March 26
Subject: shiebel

Mendele Vol. 21.013

Correction to Zulema Seligsohn's response:

Being born in Russia and leaving Russia for good at the age of 41, and 
being also well read in Russian literature, I can testify that there is no 
Russian verb "shiebel."

Berta Kipnis

Date: March 2
Subject: vinkl-kheyder

Dear Mendelyaner,

In a lot of translations of the song "Rozhinkes mit mandlen," the meaning 
given for "vinkl-kheyder" is "the corner of a room". But I read that in 
Yiddish the determiner is always before the word it qualifies.So shouldn't 
the meaning of vinkl-kheyder rather be "in a corner-room," maybe a remote 
part of the beys-hamikdosh?
Thanks for any help on that question...

Helene B. Katz

Date: February 26
Subject: "Khanele lernt loshn-koydesh"

In response to the request for the words to the song: "Khanele lernt
loshn-koydesh," here they are:

(Zayt mir moykhl if I misspelled/mispronounced some of the loshn-koydesh 


Bin ikh mir a lererl un lern loshn koydesh,

Kumt tsu mir a Khanele lernen oyfn khoydesh,

A yetvider frimorgn, zi kumt tsu mir tsu loyfn,

Lern ikh mit Khanelen - oyf a nayem oyfn.

Roysh, fartaytsh ikh Khanelen, gletndik ir kepl,

Fregt zi vos "tapuakh" meynt - vayz ikh ir an epl.

Un az es kumt tsu dem shir hashirim zogn,

Heybn undzere hertselekh shtarker on tsu shlogn.

Ikh lern ales Khanelen, vil keyn zakh nit hipn;

Kumt tsu "yashkeni" - kush ikh ire lipn.

Kumt tsu "takhvakni," makh ikh nit keyn shehayes,

Kh'nem arum mayn Khanelen, oy, iz dos a khayes.

Kumt zi in frimorgn, zogt zi tsu mir "sholem!"

Un az zi geyt avek - blayb ikh vi in kholem.

Es geyt avek a vokh - es geyt avek a khoydesh,

Un di sheyne Khanele - ken shoyn loshn koydesh.

Itsik Goldenberg

Date: February 25
Subject: "Khanele lernt loshn-koydesh"

An entfer oyf Shloyme-Khaim Cohens farbetung:

Ot zaynen di verter tsu Almis "Khanele," vi zey shteyen inem tatns "Pinkes 
Er hot zeyer lib gehat zingen, un hot oysgeklibn mer vi a hundert lider 
tsvishn 1934-
1969, in erts-yisroel un in amerike. er hot "Khanele" shtark lib gehat un 
flegt es oft
zingen in der heym. Zayn bobe hot geheysn "Khane" un mayn yingere shvester 
hot men
gegebn dem nomen nokh der boben.

bin ikh mir a lererl
ikh lern loshn-koydesh.
kumt tsu mir a khanele
lernen oyfn khoydesh.
a yeden frimorgn kumt zi tsu loyfn
lern ikh mit khanelen oyf a nayem oyfn.

rosh, fartaysh ikh khanelen
gletndik ir kepele.
fregt zi vos "tapuakh" meynt,
tsayg ikh ir an epele.
un az es kumt tsu shir-hashirim zogn,
hoybn undzer hertselekh
shtarker on tsu shlogn.

ikh lern alts mit khanelen
kh'vil keyn zakh iber-hipn.
un az es kumt tsu "yishokeyni"
kush ikh ire lipn.
un ven es kumt tsu "tekhabkeyni"
mach ikh keyn shiyes.
ikh nem arum khnelen--
oy, iz dos a khiyes!

un az es kumt in ovnt
zog ikh tsu ir "sholem",
un ven zi geyt avek
blayb ikh vi in kholem.
es geyt avek a tog
es geyt avek a khoydesh,
un di kleyne khanele
ken shoyn loshn-koydesh.

Yael Chaver

Date: March 2
Subject: List of biographies found within Zylbercweig's and Reyzen's 
"Lexicons" now completed

I have been working diligently to complete my data entry for the four 
volumes of Zalmen Reyzen's "Lexicon of the Yiddish Literature, Press and 
Philology" (1926-1930). If anyone needs look-ups, e.g. if a particular 
person has his or her biography in these volumes, or what page one may 
find a particular biography, please contact me with your specific request.

The list includes the following information (when available): surname, 
given name, other names (pseudonyms, adopted names, Americanized 
names,etc.),  town/city/gubernia/region of birth, as well as the real book 
page numbers and pdf page numbers (see www.archive.org) on which the 
biographies are located. I have adopted the YIVO transliteration rules in 
my data entry of the individual names.

This database, as well as a similar database I have previously created for 
Zalmen Zylbercweig's seven-volume "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" 
(1931-1969), is not searchable online -- thus I must be contacted for 
information from the databases -- as I have no one who will volunteer to 
create a database for me.

The Zylbercweig database contains more than 2,800 biographies, and I have 
actually translated about 1,700 of them from Yiddish to English. These 
translations will be online within the next month or two, as part of a 
larger Zylbercweig online exhibition. How close I come to translating the 
remaining Zylbercweig biographies will no doubt depend
on whether any volunteers come forward to assist me in this effort.

I hope to make an announcement regarding the onsite availability of these 
translated Zylbercweig biographies within the next month or two.
I have no plans to translate any of the biographies found in the four 
Reyzen volumes.

Steven Lasky
steve725 at optonline.net

[In view of the great value of Lasky's work, we are running a notice 
previously posted in Mendele Personal Notices & Announcement and including 
his email address .--Untershames Bers]
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