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Mendele Personal Notices & Announcements

May 14, 2012

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From: Jordan jordankutz at aol.com
Date: May 12, 2012
Subject:  Yiddish poetry or fiction by authors younger 35

Are you the next Sholem Aleichem or Avrom Sutzkever?

We’re looking for young emerging Yiddish writers and poets who need a
modern literary platform suited to their unique voices.

That’s because Yugntruf – Youth for Yiddish is reviving its Zhurnal –
its Yiddish-language literary journal of poetry, short stories,
editorials and articles.

Debuting this August 2012, our new Zhurnal, co-edited by Jordan Kutzik
and Leyzer Burko, will be available to Yugntruf members and to
subscribers worldwide in both full-color hard copy and online

So, if you’re 35 years of age or younger, you’re invited to submit
your original, unpublished Yiddish poetry or fiction to our ZHURNAL
YIDDISH LITERATURE COMPETITION to win cash awards — and publication in
our new Zhurnal!

Submissions will be judged by Professors Dov-Ber Kerler (Indiana
University) and David E. Fishman (Jewish Theological Seminary).

Winning poetry and prose entries will each receive a $500 prize and be
published in the 2012 Zhurnal. (Other submissions will be published
based upon merit and space available.)

Deadline for Zhurnal Competition entries is Monday, June 11, 2012.

Please send entries in yidishe oyses (not transliteration) and in html
format within the body of your email (not as Word or pdf attachments)
to zhurnal at yugntruf.org. No snail mail or hard copy submissions will
be accepted. Include full contact information (name, email, phone &
address) with your submission.

All entries must be original and previously unpublished in print media.

Prose entries are limited to 2,500 words; poetry is limited to 60 lines.

Winners will be announced at the new Zhurnal’s launch in mid-August 2012.

Yugntruf is also accepting original photography, graphics and artwork
by young visual artists for our new Zhurnal. Please send all
submissions (black and white or color) in jpg or tiff format to
zhurnal at yugntruf.org.

For more information, email us at zhurnal at yugntruf.org.

Express yourself in mame-loshn to a global audience of readers, and
help us foster a new generation of Yiddish writers!


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