[Mendele] Mendele Personal Notices and Announcements--David Fishman speaks on "Chaim Grade: Zikhronyes un Rayoynes, " New York Oct. 14

Victor Bers victor.bers at yale.edu
Thu Sep 27 21:04:13 EDT 2012

From: gottesman at yiddish.forward.com

Sep 22, 2012

Subject:  Lecture by D. Fishman on Chaim Grade, Jewish Theological Seminary.

"Chaim Grade: Zikhronyes un Rayoynes" [Chaim Grade: Memoirs and Thoughts]

Sunday Oct. 14th 2012    1:30 PM

Sholem Aleichem Cultural Center

3301 Bainbridge Avenue       Bronx NY

one block from Montefiore Hospital

corner 208th st.

4 train to Mosholu Parkway

D train to  205th street.

In der musikalisher program: zinger un kompozitor Josh Waletzky

information: 917-930-0295


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