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May 24, 2013

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From: Tolmitch at aol.com via mx.aol.com
Date: May 14

Tolmitch EBooks is bringing the works of the great Yiddish writer Sholem
Asch to a wider audience through their publication in eBook format. This
month we are publishing Asch's controversial bestseller, "Mary."  With
"Mary," Sholem Asch concludes his trilogy on the founding of Christianity.

In “The Nazarene” he portrayed the crucifixion from several point s of
view—a Roman Centurion, a young Judean student and the rabbinical
authorities who witnessed the rise of Jesus with alarm.

"The Apostle," told the story of Saul of Tarsis’s tireless, obsessive
effort to spread the message of the “Christ Messiah” throughout the ancient

In “Mary” Asch confronts the greatest mystery of all---the mother of the
Messiah and her relation to her son and her world. This portrayal of
Miriam-as he calls her-is perceptive and tender and rich in intuitive
insights into the heart of the devout young girl who finds herself marked
for the glorious but terrifying role of which every Jewish girl dreamed-
that of bearing the Messiah.

A distinctive element in the book is its detailed account of the childhood
and boyhood of Jesus. We are given a fine picture of the first subtle
intimations of a mission, of attributes which set this child apart from his
parents, his brothers, his fellow Nazarenes. These qualities engender love,
but also resentment. A few perceive the great man to come, but many
foretell, gloomily, a headstrong course that can come to no good end. Both
predictions are eventually fulfilled as the man, his doctrines and his fate
change the world.

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Contact: Patricia Gould
  tolmitch at aol.com

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