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Oct. 1, 2013

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For all those who are living in or near Toronto, I would like to announce
the launch of Chava Rosenfarb's book of poetry, Exile at Last. The launch
will take place at 2pm on Sunday, Oct. 6th at the Workmen's Circle, 471
Lawrence Avenue. Chava Rosenfarb wrote several of the poems that are
included in this book in the Lodz ghetto, where she was a member of the
writers' group. The poems were taken from her at Auschwitz, but she managed
to recreate some of them from memory at the forced labour camp in Sasel.
She wrote them in tiny letters on the ceiling above her bunk, so that they
could not be seen from below. She then memorized them. They were published
in Yiddish after the war. Exile at Last contains some of these poems in
Rosenfarb's own English translation. It also contains an essay by the
author outlining her experiences during the Holocaust and especially at
Sasel. However, most of the poems are taken from her anthology, Aroys fun
gan-eydn, published in 1965, and deal with the joys and sorrows of
Rosenfarb's post-Holocaust life in Canada.
The launch will feature readings in English by the poet and essayist Ken
Sherman and in Yiddish by the noted Yiddishist Rivka Augenfeld, as well as
singing by Henri Oppenheim of those of the poems that he has set to music.
An example of one such composition can be found at:

 Goldie Morgentaler,
 Professor, Dept of English,
 University of Lethbridge
 4401 University Drive
 Lethbridge, AB.
 Canada T1K 3M4

Phone: 403-329-2365
Email: goldie.morgentaler at uleth.ca


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