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Contents of Vol. 23.018

April 27, 2014

1) shabash (Yale Strom)

2) shabash (Ron Manheim)

3) book sought (Jenna Ingalls)

4) Twitter oyf yidish (Peter Guttman)


Date: March 7

Subject: shabash

A "shabash - nik" is what I heard several Ukrainian gentile women near
Sokol call a hearth, a kind of stove which people slept on in the winter
for warmth. They said they called it this because of it being on all time
during the "Shabes" in Jewish homes. These gentile women would come in and
relight the  "shabashnik" when the fire went out, acting as the "shabes

Yale Strom


Date: March 7

Subject: shabash

In connection with Murray Woldman's answer: In one answer there is mentioned

Kurdistan. Well, in Kurdish shaf bash (good light) means hallo, have a good
day, a gutn tog, maybe it changed to an expression of excitement, as like
as in Dutch goeie dag (good day) is used for excitement at positive

Ron Manheim


Date: April 2

Subject: Twitter oyf yidish

tayere mendele fraynd,

nekhtn hob ikh geleyent mayne tviter aynshtelungen, un ikh hob oysgefunen

me ken iberzetsn tviter. yidish ken nokh nisht vern oysgeklibn, ober me

ken es forleygn.

bin ikh aleyn mit mayn gedank, a yidish tviter volt geven a sheyne zakh?

Dear fellow Mendeleyaners,

When I reviewed my Twitter settings, I discovered the opportunity to join
the ranks of volunteer-translators to translate Twitter into other (i.e.
non-English) languages. Yiddish was not on the list, but it could be
suggested/requested. Would I be the only one who thinks a Yiddish Twitter
interface might be nice to have?

Peter Guttman


Date: April 2

Subject: Book sought

I am desperately seeking a copy of:

"A Distant Voice: an autobiography of Samuel Lewin" translated by Joseph

Leftwich, New York: Cornwall Press (1997).

According to Worldcat records, no listed library in the world owns the
book, and the publisher, Cornwall Press, appears to be no more. I have been
working with the Jewish Studies Librarian at UC Berkeley, but neither of us
has had any success. Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated! Please
email me at: jingalls at berkeley.edu

a sheynem dank!

Jenna Ingalls

[Moderator's note: Paul Howard Hamburg, the librarian assisting Jenna
Ingalls, provides the same information but with a publication date of 1996
based on a citation that appeared in the Mendele Review on May 4, 1997.]


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