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Victor Bers victor.bers at yale.edu
Tue Dec 15 19:19:12 EST 2015

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From: Binyumen Schaecter <binyumens at gmail.com>
Date: Dec. 11

Do you know a Yiddish song that begins like this:
Kent ir a yidish lid vos heybt zikh on azoy:

Shimen, Shimen, ven vesti kimen?
Ven vesti kimen?  Ven vesti zayn?
Shimen, Shimen, ven vesti zayn?
Ven veln mir geyn in gas arayn?
Geysti mit mir, dan gey nit mit ir.
Geysti mit ir, dan gey nit mit ir...

I have a choral arrangement of it, and so I have the melody, as well.  But
I need to find the source of the original song, with the original lyrics,
when it dates from, and where it came from.  Any info welcome.  Thank you.
Ikh hob a khor-aranzhirung derfun, hob ikh derfar oykhet di melodye.  Darf
ikh ober gefinen dem moker funem origineln lid mit di originele verter, fun
ven se shtamt, un fun vanen.  Voser protem ir zolt nisht hobn bin ikh greyt
tsu hern.

A sheynem dank aykh alemen!


Binyumen Schaechter
H/W: 212-989-0212;  C/M: 917-623-7309

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