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Contents of Vol. 25.003
July 15, 2015

1) afn ganef brent dos hitl (Sholem Beinfeld)
2) af tselokhes (Itsik Goldenberg)
3) Redundant direct object (Maurice Wolfthal)
4) Lebns Fragn (Yitskhok Luden)
5) Janet Hadda z"l (Redaktsye)
6) Natsyonaler Instants far Yidisher Kultur (yisroyl) vebort (Leybl
7) OCR of Sholem Aleichem (Refoyl Finkel)

Date: May 28
Subject: afn ganef brent dos hitl

In reply to Hershl Bershady’s question [25.002] about his  colleague’s
mother, whom he remembers saying "on a thief the hat turns twice as fast",
I would suggest that his colleague is slightly misquoting his mother.  She
probably said some version of "afn ganef brent dos hitl", "on the thief the
hat is burning". Maybe she added "twice as fast" for effect. It’s a
familiar saying which Ignatz Bernshteyn, in his 1908 collection Yidishe
Shprikhverter un Redensarten explains as follows:

"Af a yarid iz a zakh farloyrn gevorn un men hot nit gevust, ver es hot zi
geganvet.  Do hot a vitsling af eynmol a geshrey gebebn: ‘afn ganef brent
dos hitl!’  Hot zikh der ganef dershrokn un hot aropgekhapt dos hitl, un
dermit hot er zikh gegebn tsu derkenen."

In other words your guilty conscience will betray you sooner or later.

Sholem Beinfeld

Date: May 28
Subject: af tselokhes

[Due to a faulty link in 25.002, the moderators include these details, by
way of Itsik Goldenberg, as an answer to Joyce Tamara’s inquiry.]

In Mendele 25.001, Joyce Tamara asks about a song containing the words "af
tselokhes, am yisroel khay."

It can be found, with the title "Am Yisroel Khay," on Theodore Bikel's
recording "SILENT NO MORE," (Jewish Underground Songs from Soviet Russia)
released in 1971 on LP.   A very moving recording indeed.

Itsik Goldenberg
Fort Erie, Ontario

Date: June 16
Subject: Redundant direct object

In Di brider ashkenazi, IJ Singer often uses a redundant direct object.
Was this common usage or is it idiosyncratic with Singer?

Ex: Tsuzamen mit der shtot iz gevaksn dos hoyz fun reb avrom hersh
ashkenazi, vos me hot im gerufn dantsiker.

Maurice Wolfthal

Date: June 16
Subject: Lebns Fragn

Dear friends of Yiddish and of Lebns Fragn:

Lebns Fragn was the last published bulletin in Yiddish in Israel to appear
in print and was closed due to circumstances beyond our power on June 2014.

We are happy to announce the summer 2015 issue of

(Free Lebns Fragn)

on the digital platform.

In this issue:
A collection of articles and op-eds covering the period between the
war-operation TSUK EITAN in Gaza in the summer of 2014, the Israeli
elections which took place in March 2015 and the creation of the new
coalition and government thereafter.

You can read the Fraye Lebns Fragn on


We are now collecting  material for our next issue.

Editor: I. Luden luden at netvision.net.il

Correspondence address: Arbeter Ring Israel
e-mail: brtavoda at netvision.net.il

Date: June 24
Subject: Janet Hadda z"l

The editors join those mourn the passing of Yiddish scholar Janet Hadda.

For more, see:

Date: July 13
Subject: Natsyonaler Instants far Yidisher Kultur (yisroyl) vebort

tayere khaveyrim!

di natsyonale instants far yidisher kultur arbet in medines yisroyl oyf di
vayterdike gebitn:

 - kedey tsu bakenen di gezelshaft mit der yidisher kultur in ale ire formen
 - kedey tsu farhitn di yidishe kultur-traditsye un zi ibertsugebn di
kinftike doyres
 - kedey tsu dermutikn naye kinstlerishe shafungen oyf yidish

tsulib dem hobn mir geshafn un farefntlekht a vebzaytl oyf yidish un oyf
vemens internets-adres iz:   https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.yiddish-2Drashutleumit.co.il_yi&d=AwIFaQ&c=-dg2m7zWuuDZ0MUcV7Sdqw&r=hgSCSvtHqNOp40iT6T4uKyOHqvQreUPfVso-KO1Kgto&m=oQIKsZ-5dlNELigtTpXuBmRsG1hCbORsK2o075I95-M&s=HFlF_A__wbEgaAs1uA9ncXBHJoGgcdZvGQxvkeDoHYM&e= 

mir veln zayn tsufridn ven ir vet bazukhn dos zaytl un oyszogn ayere
bamerkungen oder vuntshn.

mit frayndlekhe grusn un mit brokhe,
di farvaltung fun der instants

Date: July 13
Subject: OCR of Sholem Aleichem

Don't be left out! In half a year we have already finished correcting 25%
of the OCR of the complete works of Sholem Aleichem. It's easy to help, and
it's fun! The computerized tools make it easy to find letters that might be

Just go to
, pick a favorite story, and click on "leyent". From there you can click on
"redagirt di zayt". Try editing, moving back and forth between the "hilfike
eytse" and the original text, making your corrections on the right-hand
column. You can "derfrish di eytses" multiple times to account for the
changes you have made. The only thing you can't do (until you are
registered as an editor) is save the changes. Once you have tried a few
pages like this, "shikt a bakoshe tsu vern a redaktor".

You get these benefits:

1. The pleasure of reading Sholem Aleichem.

2. The mitsve of providing an improved text for anyone to search, leading
eventually to a new complete edition.

3. Your name in lights. Well, not in lights, but the "status" page shows
exactly what pages each editor has worked on.

Don't worry if you can't figure something out. You can always ask me (or
others), and every edit is reversible or subject to further revision.


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