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Thu Mar 29 15:21:00 EDT 2018

Mendele Personal Notices and Announcements
Date: March 29, 2018

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From: sczucker at aol.com
Date: March 29, 2018

Tayere Mendelyaner,

Ikh vel onfirn mit a varshtat vegn khurbn-poezye in mayn shil un ikh volt
gevolt gefinen a (nit tsu lang lid) vos drikt oys bitokhn in Got
(nit-gekukt af di shreklekhe umshtendn). Lider fun hofenung un bitokhn in
der mentshhayt ken ikh yo gefinen ober davke dos, bitokhn in Got, ken ikh
nit gefinen bay undzere, tsum rov, apikorsishe yidishe shraybers. Eytses?
Oyb dos lid eksistirt oykh af English iz afile nokh beser. A sheynem dank.

Dear Mendelyaner,
I’m looking for a Yiddish poem about the Holocaust that expresses faith in
God (despite the terrible circumstances). I have found poems about hope and
faith in humanity but have been unable to put my finger on anything that
expresses faith in God. The poem should not be too long or, if long, should
have an easily extractable section. Any ideas? If you know of an English
translation of the poem in addition to the Yiddish, that is even better.
Bibliographic details are always welcome. Thanks so much.

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