[Reuse-sell] Moving back to Budapest - Nice apt stuff for sale!

Nic Mramer nicholas.mramer at yale.edu
Sun Jul 3 13:45:53 EDT 2011


So my partner and I am moving back to HU and we need to sell basically
everything from our apartment.  The things we have left are mostly just apt
odds and ends, mostly from IKEA. You can also find these all on craigslist, and
if you want to see some pics you can click this link here:
Get in touch if you'd like to buy anything.  Thanks!

a complete queen size bed: $125
(including bed frame, mattress, memory foam)
a modern green/gray rug: $30
2 black chairs: $10 total
1 duvet (temp rate 4): $10
1 silver strong metal shelf: $20
3 white metal shelves: $8,$8,$5
1 black hamper: $5
4 large jute cubes: $7 a piece $25 total
2 ceramic pots: $5 total
3 nesting baskets: $5 total
18 various picture frames: $15 total
3 little black mirrors: $5 total
1 wooden frame clock: $5
a really nice scale: $15
a small handheld vacuum: $10
an iron/ironing board: $10 total
an "Instant Kitchen": $40 total
a really nice printer/scanner/copier: $50
ultramax brita filter dispenser/filter: $10
plus a bike: $50
text or call, or email; click the link for pics

Thanks all!
Nic Mramer
or 317.345.7960
nic.mramer at gmail.com
nicholas.mramer at yale.edu

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