[SoundStudies] Announcement: Hearing Modernity Seminar, Harvard Univ., Cambridge, 2013-14

Lynda Paul lynda.paul at yale.edu
Wed Aug 21 11:16:29 EDT 2013

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The following might be of interest to some of you.

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Lynda Paul, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Associate in the Integrated Humanities
Yale University


The Harvard University Department of Music and Core Faculty are pleased to

Hearing Modernity
the 2013-14 John E. Sawyer Seminar

Veit Erlmann  +  Jonathan Sterne (Mon., Sept. 16)
Charles Hirschkind  +  Ana Maria Ochoa (Mon., Sept. 30)
Suzanne Cusick  +  Thomas Levin (Mon., Nov. 18)
Flagg Miller  +  Trevor Pinch (Mon., Nov. 25)
Mark Butler  +  Mara Mills (Mon., Feb. 24)
Vijay Iyer  +  Aniruddh Patel (Tue., Mar. 11)
Karin Bijsterveld  +  Wolfgang Ernst (Mon., Mar. 31)
Steven Connor  +  Brian Massumi (Mon., Apr. 14)
Jacque Attali (NOTE different time and location: Mon., Apr. 21, 5:15pm, John
Knowles Paine Concert Hall)

Sessions begin at 4:15 pm
Holden Chapel, Harvard University

Sessions will consist of a short presentation on a precirculating paper
(available two weeks in advance here, http://hearingmodernity.org/papers/),
followed by open q/a.  For those unable to attend in person, watch our website
for video/podcasts of sessions and join the discussion online.

In conjunction with the "Hearing Modernity" series, please also join us for a
biweekly reading group (Tuesdays 12-2).  Virtual/long-distance 
participation is
possible, contact us for details.  In addition, the School for the Museum of
Fine Arts (Boston) will be hosting a parallel series of practitioners 
and sound
artists, Intonarumori/Noise makers; more information to come on our website.

For more information or to subscribe to our email list, visit our website,
hearingmodernity.org, or find us on Facebook:

Alexander Rehding and the organizers of "Hearing Modernity"
info at hearingmodernity.org

Organized by
Alexander Rehding (Music)
Laura Frahm (Visual and Environmental Studies)
John Hamilton (German/Comparative Literature)
Ernst Karel (Anthropology)
Ingrid Monson (Music)
Jeffrey Schnapp (Romance Languages and Literatures)
Sindhumathi Revuluri (Music)

Betsey Biggs, postdoctoral fellow
Olivia Lucas, graduate fellow
Peter McMurray, graduate fellow

With special thanks to the administrative staff of the Harvard Department of

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