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Joseph Clarke joseph.clarke at yale.edu
Wed Dec 11 09:15:11 EST 2013

Yale's Sound Studies Colloquium continues today as we feature *Joseph
Klett*, PhD
candidate in Yale’s Department of Sociology and junior fellow in Yale’s
Center for Cultural Sociology. We meet in the *Whitney Humanities Center,
room B04* at *4:30pm*. Please join us for Klett's presentation:

*Making Space for Sound Out of Place*

My dissertation work is about the meaning of noise. In this work I describe
the practices and classifications which people use when creating dominant
interpretations of sound. In the present ethnographic study, I observe a
sample of elementary school classrooms to describe meaning-making in the
performance of music education.

Sociologists have written much about musical sound in social interaction.
Yet little has been written about how musical sound is made from sound in
the first place. To fill this gap, I analyze variations in curriculum to
describe how sounds as pre-musical material get classified in the practices
of listening and making sound.

Curriculum indicates which sounds are to be included as musical, and which
are to be excluded as noise. But curriculum is not just a collection of
ideas. Curriculum is constituted through the interaction of teachers and
novice students in a musical space, and this space is variously aided and
constrained by the physical classroom. Curriculum and its musical space is
then underdetermined by material conditions, yet this performance
nevertheless produces sonic meanings by including and excluding available

Kind regards,
Joseph Clarke, Doctoral Candidate in Architecture
Lynda Paul, Postdoctoral Associate in the Integrated Humanities


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