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Yale's *Sound Studies Colloquium* continues this semester on the second
Wednesday of each month. Please join us *TODAY* as we feature *David
Budries*, Professor and Chair of the Sound Design Department at the Yale
School of Drama and Sound Design Advisor for the Yale Repertory Theatre. We
meet in the Whitney Humanities Center, room B04 at 4:30pm. Professor
Budries will lead an interactive presentation entitled:

*Sound and Meaning, or Recognizing Aural Fragments*

What characteristics of a sound make it recognizable?

Frequency, intensity, envelopes (volume and timbre) and the time it takes
to express the sound, all allow us to recognize meaning in a sound. What's
the smallest excerpt of sound/music that can provide enough information to
allow an experience of recognition, intention, or meaning?

Sound designers are often able to hear snippets of sounds and instantly
recognize a tune. They don't do it as a game; they just do it because their
personal database of music and sound is so big that it's relatively easy
for them. But all of us make sense-libraries in our brains that become the
basis for language and our navigation through the world. It's not just
humans: our smart phones are capable of sampling a selection of music,
sending that music to the Shazam database, and then returning the name of
the selection to us, based only on a 5-10 second sample. Software like
Shazam works by taking a "fingerprint" or spectrogram of sound and logging
that information into a database. In my experience, people do a similar
type of sampling. We take in sense-samples, then query our sense-libraries
to arrive at conclusions about where we are, what we hear, and what we see,
taste, smell, and feel.

How much sound is the general population is capable of remembering? And how
brief a segment is necessary for us to recognize it?

Using the participants of the colloquium as subjects, I hope to learn
something about sound and recognition. Bring your listening ears to this
interactive Sound Studies Colloquium.

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