[SoundStudies] Mon 8 Dec, 4:30pm, WHC B04 - Ron Kuivila on "Big Dada"

Joseph Clarke joseph.clarke at yale.edu
Wed Dec 3 11:32:47 EST 2014

The Yale Sound Studies Working Group invites you to join us next Monday as
we feature sound artist and University Professor of Music *Ron Kuivila* of
Wesleyan University. Kuivila's talk is entitled *Big Dada: the Technics of
Dissociation* and he sends the following description:

This talk considers experimentalism as an instance of  “participatory
culture” in hopes of developing a better understanding of the vernaculars
of performance emerging on social networks. I define “experimentalism” as
works in music, art, dance, and theater that seek to be sites of individual
affective engagement devoid of internal meaning. This evacuation or
dissociation of meaning has been enacted through a variety of technical
procedures that result in kaleidoscope of distinct ontologies for the works
themselves. I will trace the evolution of these efforts through the
changing relations to screams found in the writing of Antonin Artaud, and
the sound works of Dick Higgins, Gregory Whitehead, Leroy Stevens, and any
number of instructional videos on YouTube, to the changing relations to
beds in pieces by Robert Rauschenberg, Ben Vautier, Yoko Ono, and Emma
Sulkowicz, and to the changing relations to paper in pieces by Ben
Patterson, Takahisa Kosugi, R. Murray Schafer, and the ASMR community.

The Sound Studies Working Group meets at 4:30pm in the Whitney Humanities
Center, room B04. All are welcome to join us. To subscribe to or
unsubscribe from our email list, please visit
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