[SoundStudies] TODAY! Mond 10 Feb, 4:30pm - WHC B04 - Joseph Clarke on reverberation

Brian Kane brian.kane at yale.edu
Mon Feb 10 07:39:36 EST 2014

The Yale Sound Studies Colloquium invites you to join us this afternoon, Monday, February 10 @ 4:30 in the Whitney Humanities Center, Room B04, for our first meeting of the semester. We will feature Joseph Clarke, doctoral candidate in architecture and co-convener of our group, who will present the following talk:

Reverberation: An Architectural History

Can a spatial effect whose perceptual character results from an inherent limitation of the human sensorium be subjected to critical study? Reverberation is the phenomenon of sonic "blurring" which occurs when sound waves bounce off a distant object but return to the listener so quickly that they cannot be identified as a discrete echo. Its scientific nature was elaborated by German architects in the early nineteenth century: after public discontent with the aural environment of Berlin's National Theater (1802) cast doubt on an earlier acoustical paradigm, designers sought new ways to calibrate performance halls for the auditory desires of an emerging bourgeois
culture. Historical links between reverberant architecture and Romantic immersive environments such as tableaux vivants and panoramas suggest that the technical development of this acoustic effect was linked with the emergence of a new kind of subjecthood.

The Sound Studies Colloquium is a Whitney Humanities Center Working Group. All are welcome to attend. Upcoming meetings will be held on Monday, March 3rd, and Monday, April 21st, at 4:30pm in the Whitney Humanities Center, room B04.

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