[SoundStudies] Sound, Urbanism, and Sense of Place CFP (18-20 July, Viseu, Portugal)

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Fri Jan 17 14:00:47 EST 2014

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See below for a sound studies-related CFP (and the chance to go to Portugal!).




Often acoustic space is ignored in the construction of a public space, yet the
negative impact this has does not seem to get many complaints. People rarely
require more quality of the sonic world, because the average consumer does not
have the necessary references to change this state of affairs. We know 
that the
prevalence of noise or sounds that do not convey any social 
significance and are
a disturbance of the quality of life, reduces the ability to identify with the
place we inhabit. It is therefore urgent to think about the acoustical 
societies are facing today and integrate that thinking in urban planning,
architecture and management of public space, because the idea we have of
ourselves, our personal awareness and the relationships we build in the
external world, are inextricably linked to a space. We all exist 
somewhere. And
personal identity also relates to this.

Important Dates
15 March: Abstracts Submission Deadline (up to 500 words)
31 March: Audio Works Submission Deadline
15 April: Notifications
28 April: Registrations open
31 May: Delivery of Full Papers and Final Versions
18, 19 & 20 July: Symposium
Stream 1: Architecture and urban planning, keynote speaker TBA
Stream 2: Urban sounds, identity and sense of place, keynote speaker Brandon
Stream 3: Sound art as public art, keynote speaker Salome Voegelin

You are invited to submit theoretical, practical or experimental research work
that reflects on the idea of Sound, Urbanism and Sense of Place. Abstracts
should be submitted through

Researchers are invited to submit theoretical works on (but not limited 
to) the
following topics:

Sound, place and identity
Urban planning and architecture
Policies for noise control
Urban soundscapes
Sound and sense of place
The study of soundscapes as social and political intervention
Sound communities
The creation of positive soundscapes
Sound art as public art
Audio Works

We invite artists to show sound pieces approaching the subject of ?Sound and
Sense of Place?. We are interested in artistic works that raise awareness to
the urban soundscape and that reflect critically on how cities are growing and
being planned around the globe.

Standard: 60?
Students: 25?
Further information through facebook.com/invisibleplaces or
soundingcities at gmail.com

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