[SoundStudies] Versification course in the spring: possible collaboration?

Ben Glaser ben.glaser at yale.edu
Mon Oct 6 14:36:12 EDT 2014

Dear All,

The notice of next week's talk got me very excited and made me realize 
that this would be an appropriate forum to ask about possible 
interdisciplinary classroom activities I might be able to do with your 
help in the spring. I'll be teaching an updated version of a junior 
seminar on "Versification" now entitled "Poetic form," and in addition 
to the usual surveys of historical forms, I plan to spend at least a 
week each on 1) text-setting and 2) experimental tools for analyzing 
poetry in performance. I also plan for about 1/4 to 1/3 of the class to 
focus on musical lyrics, especially hip-hop. I'm writing to see if 
anyone has ideas for class sessions that take text off the page into 
sound in unique ways. I want this new version of the course to be 
reasonably innovative and make use of Yale's resources, like the Haskins 
Lab. I'd be particularly grateful if anyone felt inclined to come 
co-teach part of a class with me or just present some of their research 
in the classroom environment. I'm very happy to do the same with issues 
of prosody / scansion (and hope at some point to present my work to this 

Thanks for reading and considering. This would make some Dean very happy 
if it could happen, I'm sure!


Ben Glaser
Assistant Professor of English
Yale University

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