[SoundStudies] Sound Studies Working Group: Sara Marcus Reading Up!

Nicholas Forster nicholas.forster at yale.edu
Wed Oct 28 11:52:13 EDT 2015

Dear Acoustic Aestheticians,

I am writing to alert you that Sara Marcus's essay which we will discuss
with her in person on *MONDAY from 5-6:30PM in WHC B-04 i*s now on the V2
server. You can access it here
I imagine this goes without saying but please do not circulate this outside
the SSWG.

On Monday Sara will give a brief introduction that situates the piece and
then will turn it over to us to provide comments, ask questions and engage
with the piece to be as helpful as we can.

Have a wonderful day,

J.D. Connor, Nicholas Forster, Mary Jones, Andrew Jones, Brian Kane
Co-Conveners, Yale SSWG
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