[SoundStudies] Tomorrow: Talk of Interest: Kara Keeling (5 PM Room 208 WHC)

Nicholas Forster nicholas.forster at yale.edu
Mon Jan 25 20:47:54 EST 2016

Dear Sound Studies Folks,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I am writing to alert everyone to
a job *talk of interest. Tomorrow at 5PM in Room 208 at the Whitney
Humanities Center*, Kara Keeling will be delivering a talk titled: "On
'Digitopia:' Black Futures and the Cinematic."

While the title of this talk may or may not be of specific interest to you,
Keeling has contributed quite a bit to the field of Sound Studies,
specifically through the lens of American Studies. You can see a collection
she co-edited with Josh Kun here:

Were Keeling to join Yale's faculty she would be an important conversant
for our working group. I Because of this I just wanted to let everyone know
of this important and interesting talk tomorrow.

Have a great day and looking forward to our meeting on February 1st when we
will be talking about *Africa in Stereo *(see V2 for the readings).


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