[SoundStudies] Today! Sound Studies Working Group (Ana Maria Ochoa Gautier's Aurality)

Nicholas Forster nicholas.forster at yale.edu
Tue Oct 11 07:56:47 EDT 2016

Dear All,

I hope you are having a wonderful month of October so far. *Today* the SSWG
will will have its second meeting at* 5:30 in WHC B-04!*

For this meeting, we will read three segments (Introduction, Chapter 2,
Chapter 4) of *Ana Maria Ochoa Gautier's Aurality: Listening and Knowledge
in Nineteenth-Century Colombia, *and Catherine Slowik of the Music Dept.
will lead discussion. This is sure to be a fascinating discussion about
sound studies, colonialism, archives and more.

 As always, we'll serve refreshments, and we'll look forward to welcoming
any and all interested readers. The reading selections are available on our
classes v2 site (direct links: Intro
, Ch2
, Ch4
, notes
), and the entire book is available online through ORBIS.

Happy reading and have a wonderful day!

Nicholas Forster, Ben Glaser, Andrew Jones, Mary Jones, Brian Kane
Co-Conveners, Yale SSWG
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