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Hi Sound Studies Readers,

Just a quick announcement to let those interested know that the Music
Department will host ethnomusicologist J. Martin Daughtry this Friday, 17
February, as part of our Guest Lecture Series. See below for more
information on his talk "Atmospheric Pressures: Reflections on Voice in the

All best,

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Dear all,

We are most pleased to welcome ethnomusicologist J. Martin Daughtry to our
Guest Lecture Series this Friday, 17 February at 1:30 pm in 106 Stoeckel
Hall. Details of what promises to be a very exciting talk are below.

The Department of Music acknowledges the generous support of the Edward J.
and Dorothy Clarke Kempf Fund at Yale University for assistance with this

Atmospheric Pressures: Reflections on Voice in the Anthropocene

>From the standpoint of music studies, the relationship between voice and
air is one of figure to ground or event to medium. In comparison to the
voice, in other words, the air appears inert, transparent, and
theoretically uninteresting. However, in our current era of global warming
and rising CO2 emissions, air has become front-page news. What insights can
we gain from turning the tables on the voice and taking air seriously? This
talk brings music studies into conversation with recent writings on climate
change to form a new framework for understanding singing and other vocal
emissions in the anthropocene.

*J. Martin Daughtry* is an associate professor of ethnomusicology at New
York University. He teaches and writes on acoustic violence; voice;
listening; jazz in New York; air; Russian-language sung poetry; and the
auditory imagination.

Rebekah Ahrendt

Assistant Professor

Department of Music

Yale University

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