[SoundStudies] Tsitsi Jaji Visit -- Friday 5PM!

Nicholas Forster nicholas.forster at yale.edu
Mon Feb 27 22:29:12 EST 2017

The 20th/21st Century Studies Colloquium and the Americanist Colloquium are
pleased to present:

*Tsitsi Jaji*

Associate Professor of English, Duke University

*“Listening for the Trans-Atlantic Dunbar”*

Friday, March 3


LC 319

Tsitsi Jaji teaches courses on African American, African and Caribbean
expressive cultures and the exchanges throughout the global black world.
Her research focuses on representations of sound, music and listening, and
engages feminist methods and theory. Her first book, “Africa in Stereo:
Modernism, Music and Pan-African Solidarity” accounts for how and why
African American music and literature circulated in Ghana, Senegal, and
South Africa and contributed so profoundly to African notions of solidarity
in the 20th century.

“Listening for the Trans-Atlantic Dunbar” will be included in the
forthcoming Cambridge set, *African American Literature in Transition*.
Please find the essay attached here, and come prepared for a lively
discussion. Sarah Robbins, a PhD student in English, will offer a response.
Drinks and snacks will be served.

We hope to see you there!
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