[Tshwanelex-l] cut/paste and 'term' entries

Claire Bowern claire.bowern at yale.edu
Fri Sep 16 10:24:40 EDT 2011

Hi all,
Two quick questions.

It seems that copy and paste shortcuts don't work for me on OSX (10.6.8) with TshwaneLex 5.0.0.xx. I was wondering if others have had the same problems or found a workaround (beyond the rightclick menu, which is ok for occasional things but really bad for extensive editing).

Also, does anyone have an opinion about the use of "term" vs "lemma sign" in subentries? Should "lemma sign" be restricted only to true entry headwords, and "term" used for subentries, or is "term" something else?


Claire Bowern
Associate Professor
Yale University
370 Temple St
New Haven, CT

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